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Egyptian Transport Minister Lt-Gen Eng Kamel Abdel Hadi Elwazir said Qatar's significant progress in infrastructure and achievements in these projects made it ideal for hosting a successful and dignified FIFA World Cup 2022 program, he added, in an exclusive interview with Qatar News Agency (QNA).

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He was very pleased with what he saw during his visit, and the great development of infrastructure, especially in the field of maritime transport, subway, electric buses, roads, bridges, spectacular stadiums, and great sports facilities, and the Hamad harbor, and saw great success in these areas, projects that allow Qatar to host the FIFA World Cup successfully.

The visiting Egyptian minister explained that the most important thing that attracted him to his attention as an experienced engineer in the field of construction and infrastructure was the massive renovation witnessed by Doha in particular, and Qatar in general, in the field of exciting roads and bridges.

International details, as well as outstanding buildings, integrated sports facilities, and the metro network define them as the most prominent and latest in the world, compared to more developed countries like Japan and France, at the same time praising the fastest frequency of BRT buses connecting to the metro network.

He cited major developments in the maritime transport sector, particularly Hamad Port, which saw this as a major achievement for Qatar and its people among other major projects underway in the Province of Qatar. Elwazir stressed that Qatar's comprehensive 2022/2050 transport plan is in line with Egypt 2050's transport strategy in terms of service quality.

The transition to green, sustainable, and environmentally friendly mass-dependent, highly gas-dependent. He explained that the two strategies focus on the importance of mass mobility and reliance, especially as it is an important factor in simplifying people's lives, increasing and accelerating development, and reducing traffic congestion, noting that Egypt relies heavily on it.

Transportation between cities or neighboring countries. He added that Qatar has similar ideas and strategies regarding linking with neighboring Arab countries by rail or new modes of transport, and similar interests between the two countries. For more to know about Qatar World Cup tickets Click here.

In the field of maritime transport, the minister explained that Egypt is open to the rest of the world and uses 35km of accommodation in Egyptian ports, the most important of which are the Red Sea Safaga and Ain Sokhna and the Mediterranean Sea of ​​Alexandria. , Damietta and Port Said while Qatar has a strong interest in Hamad Port, which sees progressive development, representing significant similarities in the two countries' strategic plans.

Regarding the partnership between the Qatari and Egyptian transport departments, he said there were plans for major projects in this context, either in the port and maritime transport sector or in the green, sustainable and environmental sectors. Transportation such as monorail and light electric train. Elwazir explained that the trip, the first time in Doha since taking office, represents an opportunity to learn about Qatar's major projects in the infrastructure sector and the role that Egyptian companies can play in these key areas.

Regarding the visit of the QTerminals team, which was sent from the Qatari side, to study investment opportunities in the Sokhna Port completion and development project, he explained that there is a sincere desire of Qatari officials to increase cooperation between the two countries. He added that points were already being discussed and skills were identified for each party, expressing his hope that a memorandum of understanding would be signed soon, followed by an agreement.

And the signing of real contracts, and that QTerminals would be a partner in Egypt's Department of Transport. Concluding his conversation with QNA, the minister urged Qatari investors to enter the Egyptian market, especially as Egypt has always opened its hands to all its Arab brothers, especially Qatar, to implement major and integrated development projects that benefit both countries.

FIFA wants World Cup every three years after failing with the biennial tournament plan

FIFA is reportedly looking forward to the World Cup every three years, having withdrawn its plans for the annual tournament after fierce opposition from players and organizations around the world. FIFA has dropped its plans to host the Football World Cup every two years and is now looking forward to the tournament every three years.

The organization’s president Gianni Infantino has thrown plans for a two-year World Cup at last week's 211-member Doha conference, saying it was not FIFA's idea at first. Plans for a two-year cycle divide the ball in half, with UEFA and CONMEBOL threatening to boycott the tournament if they can get the green light.

But with those plans in place, Infantino reportedly offers a new framework for what the football calendar might look like in the future. According to the news website, a Swiss official demands a three-year World Cup as part of a new 36-month cycle. Under his plans, the extended Club World Cup of 24 teams will be in the middle of the first summer.

The second summer will be reserved for continental competitions, such as the Euro or the Copa America. The third will focus on the World Cup, which from 2026, will have 48 teams. FIFA boss Infantino has hinted at the possibility of a three-year FIFA World Cup at last week's conference in Doha, stating: It's important to do something, whether it's the Qatar World Cup every two years or every three years.

The new revelation comes after FIFA distanced itself from the bi-annual World Cup proposals that came down as a leading balloon throughout Europe and South America. Let me make it clear that FIFA did not suggest that the Football World Cup be held twice a year, Infantino said at a rally last week. Let us clarify the process here, the last FIFA congress asked FIFA executives by a vote of 88% to vote on the possibility of a World Cup every two years.

FIFA officials did just that. It started to happen, but FIFA did not suggest anything. FIFA has concluded that it is possible, but it will have certain consequences and implications. Those proposals may have thrown dust on the ground, but football has been the subject of much debate and controversy over its future.

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