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Qatar's construction sector is maintaining its momentum due to the country's growing economic growth, said Sheikh Dr. Thani bin Ali al-Thani, a board member of the Qatar International Center for Conciliation and Arbitration (QICCA) in the Qatar Chamber.

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Speaking at a conference entitled ‘Collaborative contracts on construction projects’ Sheikh Dr. Thani emphasized that the pace of construction projects has been growing rapidly for many years and will continue beyond the FIFA World Cup 2022. Sheikh Dr. Thani also noted that most of the cases received by QICCA came from the construction industry, noting that hosting such special seminars benefits companies operating in the field.

The seminar comes as part of QICCA's interest in organizing such events and programs to raise awareness of all contractual and legal issues in a way that contributes to avoiding or minimizing commercial disputes.

Speaking at the meeting, Virginie Colaiuta, a colleague at LMS Legal LLP and Visiting Fellow at King's College London, said cooperation contracts on construction projects were crucial to ensure project success and increase efficiency and quality in general, noting that these contracts. Create contractual mechanisms so that all parties can share benefits and risks, and overcome any expected barriers that could lead to disputes and financial claims.

He commended Qatar's large construction project management policy, outlining the approach adopted by the Public Works Authority (Ashghal) in its management of major projects in the country and its concern for raising awareness of cooperation between contracting companies. He also emphasized the need to consult with experts in the preparation of cooperation contracts to ensure the mutual interest of all parties.

Something we will never see again, the Commissioners approve a contract to host the World Cup

The Hamilton County Commissioners on Thursday agreed to host the 2026 World Cup football match if Cincinnati is nominated as a venue. The deal will invest at least $ 10 million in renovations to the Paul Brown Stadium. The Hamilton County Board of Three Members voted 2-0 to ratify the agreement with FIFA and the Cincinnati USA Convention and Visitors Bureau to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup matches at Paul Brown Stadium.

Commissioner Alicia Reece declined. Commissioners Stephanie Summerow Dumas and Denise Driehaus voted in favor of the harvest. They are all Democrats. Dumas, president of the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners, said the World Cup was worth the expense. The district knew that implementing the plan would cost something, he said. I would say why do you go on the field and play, and then decide to just go out? Dumas said Thursday.

The region is now awaiting the June 16 announcement from FIFA, the world governing body for World Cup, in which cities will host the World Cup. Paul Brown Stadium faces 17 other stadiums across the country. At least 10 will be selected. The five-year effort to bring the World Cup to Cincinnati depends on the approval of the Hamilton County commissioners. For more to know about Qatar World Cup tickets Click here.

Entrepreneurs, including the head of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, have urged commissioners to approve the contract. Co-FC Cincinnati CEO Jeff Berding called it an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He attended the meeting on Thursday but declined to comment after the meeting, instead of returning to the commission chambers without speaking to reporters.

The World Cup is the largest sporting event in the world, with an estimated five billion spectators. Compare that with the audience of 110 million people who watched the Bengals in the Super Bowl 2022. An economic impact study from the University of Cincinnati estimates that hosting the FIFA World Cup will bring $ 449 million to regional economic investment and $ 4 million to regional taxes. Cincinnati hosted the biggest sporting event in the world with problems.

What is the region responsible for?

The 236-page agreement will commit the region to spend at least $ 10 million on renovating Paul Brown Stadium. The district will have to change for a while from the football field to the football field. The district will have to make additional stadium improvements to the tune of $ 40 million, said District Manager Jeff Aluotto.

But most of those developments, which included improved lighting, scoreboards, and agreement, were planned without regard to the FIFA World Cup, he said. The region makes $ 5 million a year on financial development as required by the lease agreement between the Bengals and the region. For more to know about Spain Vs Germany Tickets click here.

The stadium, owned by Hamilton County taxpayers, was designed to host football matches. But since the stadium opened in 2000, the size of the football stadium has grown. So the field had to be big, which would have to be cut into concrete. It will cost $ 4 million to install a new grass and drainage system and another $ 6 million to replace 1,800 seats to replace the football field.

The district paid for stadium repairs and upgrades with a half-cent sales tax paid for stadium construction. Sales tax will be the main source of funding for $ 10 million in development, Aluotto said on Thursday. The district will share the cost with the businessman outside the stadium, Aluotto said.

Berding said business owners and even the government could choose to help with the cost of the land. The business community has already pledged $ 35 million to $ 50 million to help cover the cost of other World Cup-related activities, such as festivals or training venues.

Why the short notice?

Reece criticized FIFA for submitting 257 pages of requirements over the Memorial Day weekend. It is not enough time to review the agreement, he said. I have serious concerns about the pattern of large-scale contracts, which came in and out quickly, which are complex and have long-term economic consequences, Reece said. He said that was not right for the average person.

There is only one group in the hedge, the Hamilton County taxpayers. Dumas denied it was the last minute. He said the needs had been discussed for more than a year. It was not everything new, Dumas said. We have been talking about FIFA for some time now. Maybe you had this information, says Reece. I never had it.

Where are the Bengals?

Another unresolved issue is where the Bengals stand on this issue. The Bengals did not respond to a message earlier this week seeking comment. Reece asked if the Bengals were there with the changes. Aluotto refused to say yes. He just said they were part of the conversation and they know the changes.

Reece said he held back until he saw more involvement with the acquisition of other clubs, including the Bengals and the Ohio and Kentucky states. Finally, two other commissioners said the economic impact and exposure were too good to be true. Hosting the FIFA World Cup event will give Cincinnati international recognition, said Commissioner Denise Driehaus. This is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, says Driehaus. This is something we will never see again.

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