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With an asset of over $200bn in infrastructure, the Qatari hosts appreciate the strategic value of this event Qatar World Cup to project their nation to the world and improve its international standing, speaks Martha Delgado Peralta.

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Every four years, there is a new assured land that every Football player in the world dreams of. FIFA’s dramatic qualifying procedures matter not only to athletes, but also to followers, managers, and governments around the globe. The FIFA World Cup is probably the most impactful social, political and economic phenomenon in the world, and the insinuations of what we will knowledge in Qatar Football World Cup 2022 are immense.

Events (World Cup) of this magnitude have varied analyses beyond the sport itself; they attend as a point of contact amid countries and cultures, inaugural spaces to share values that in other settings would seem incredible. For the Qatari hosts, this Qatar World Cup is a diplomatic platform to build and reinforce relations, promote the country frugally and raise certain principles of Arab culture.

As the Mexican national side fights to safe its qualification to the Qatar World Cup, the Mexican Foreign Ministry, both in head office and in our embassy in Doha Qatar, is working on a powerful schedule that, on the one hand, will allow truthful and timely statement mechanisms for Mexican enthusiasts who will visit Doha Qatar most of them for the first time and, on the other hand, will take benefit of the chance to strengthen our diplomatic relations and showcase our rich nation.

Any info and support network will be constructed for all Mexican nationals’ presence at the event Qatar World Cup, which will function throughout the Arabian Gulf area. In adding, we will work as a side to position our country in the setting of this great international event World Cup, through creativities to indorse our economy, art, tourism and, of course, our diplomacy. For more know about Qatar World Cup Tickets click here.

The Qatar FIFA World Cup has many exactitudes. It is the first to be held after the start of the pandemic, so its logistics and economic influence are particularly pertinent. It is also the first time that a FIFA World Cup will be held in the Middle East, in an Arab and Muslim country.

This FIFA World Cup will be the last player with 32 countries, it is the first participation for Qatar Football Team and it will be held in such a dense area that it will allow fans to watch two games on the same day, since the eight Football World Cup stadiums are located, at most, one hour away from each other.

With an asset of over $200bn in infrastructure, the Qatari hosts tacit the strategic value of this event World Cup to project their nation to the world and enhance its international standing. On top of it, the economic impact of the Qatar World Cup Qatar will be enormous. It is projected that the contribution to the economy of this great event FIFA World Cup will amount to approximately 11% of its GDP.

The Qatari government aims for the Qatar World Cup to become a driving force for various wits in areas such as town development and economic change, then above all, to leave a lasting legacy of opulence from a modern and open nation.

The Government of Mexico is conscious of the soft power to be organized in an international event of this nature. For the Qatar Football World Cup in Qatar, the Foreign Ministry is following the model positively implemented at Expo 2020 Dubai, to promote our huge cultural, gastronomic, and ecological inheritance whilst hopeful opportunities for trade, asset, and innovation.

The activities to be coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, done by the Mexican embassy in Qatar, will emphasize promoting our culture to Qatar Football World Cup 2022 attendees. We predict a pavilion to exhibition cultural expressions and tourist lures as well as an agenda to foster educational, technical, political, and cultural exchanges to make the most of the tournament FIFA World Cup while inaugurating spaces of collaboration with the Middle East that will translate into projects that will profit our communities.

Sport in Mexico is cultivated by its followers and its practitioners. It is vital to highlight and admit its social value, its influence on physical and mental health, its volume to project our country globally, nonetheless also for embodying noble principles: uniqueness, teamwork, perseverance, peace, and justice.

As Nelson Mandela supposed: “Sport has the control to change the world. It has the power to stir. It has the power to unite people in a way that little also does. It says to youth in a language they appreciate. Sport can create hope where once there was only misery”.

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