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Qualities a good google ads agency must have

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With more than 600 million smartphones running ad blockers, you'd think that the advertising market would be suffering. However, in reality, Google controls 73% of all search advertising, equivalent to around $40.3 billion. This advertising revenue is so large it would suggest that advertisers believe they are reaching their target audience and striking gold with regards to gains over a given period! It's easy to assume that adverts do not work – simply put, because so many people block them!

Google Ads are quite effective.

Choosing the right AdWords agency can sometimes be tricky, especially if you don't know what to look for. If you've decided that's your way to go, take a look at these 5 qualities on which all successful Adwords agencies are built.

Qualities of a Successful Google Ads Agency

Here are some things to check for when selecting a Google Ads Agency:

  1. Have Professional Certification

The Google Ad Agency you're thinking about should be Google Partners. This is important for three reasons:

  • Your agency has a sufficient number of clients to meet Google's spending requirements.
  • Active clients are increasing their revenue, and you are keeping your promises.
  • As your business grows, Google believes you can easily manage Google Ads accounts for clients.

A Google Ads Agency will post a Google verifiable badge and link to their verification, but click the link below for more information if you can't find it. You may learn about the agency's certification and location as well!

  1. You keep your assets and creativity.

As each market is different, many companies make a point of making the most of PPC by placing importance on the actual goal of the client. Therefore, they look to make their clients more involved by obtaining Landing Pages, directly linking these to specific advertisements relevant to that particular web page. PPC specialists who use this technique will also combine them with other Internet tools such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), for example, or Social Media Marketing/Advertising to increase reach as much as possible.

This method is effective, but there are a few disadvantages in the long run if you care about your company and your branding: – You will not have any exclusive rights to your leads. – You will have to get with another agency each time you want to go on a new campaign, which can be frustrating considering the time involved. – Your conversion rates are likely to be lower than using in-house marketing resources.

  1. Complete transparency of the agency

Metrics such as impressions, ad clickthrough rates, keyword performance and account structure should be available. If you have any questions about where or how your money is spent, you should get frank answers. If you're unsure, ask your Google Ads Account Executive about their information and how it can help your business grow through automated online marketing strategies.

  1. Contracts for a certain time

In PPC (Pay per click) advertising, most firms don't make any money from an account until the campaign runs for a few months. Some agencies require their clients to commit to long-term contracts (e.g., 12 – 24 months). This makes sense when considering how much time and effort is involved in setting up and starting a new customer account.

Agencies are a lot like veterinarians when it comes to how they accommodate their business. Clients will come in at different times; however, they all have something they share in common – they need to be tended to properly! Some agencies can even construct contracts on a month-to-month basis.

The Google Ads marketplace is an exciting and challenging gig to take on as a product manager but ultimately offers a beneficial customer experience. This commercial arrangement can sometimes be intimidating, but it eventually helps both parties out: The client gets better ads, and the agency gets paid!

  1. A track record that has been proven and consistent

When you're truly determined to build your business, you need help from the best. When it comes to Internet marketing, the team at Web Marketing Inc can be that company for you. We have built a business on our passion and experience in many marketing areas, including search engine optimization and advertising. Marketing is unique because it works off the simple principle that giving people what they want will make them like you more and do more transactions with you.

Request all of the data you need to prove your agency's track record, including references and case studies.


Get in touch with our Google Ads Agency today and see how we create a big difference to your marketing campaign.

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