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20mm VS 30mm Quartz Kitchen Worktops



The popularity of 20mm and 30mm thick worktops has grown in recent years. However, the thickness of a worktop is determined by the material you select. If you choose the highly durable and effective quartz worktops, you may choose between two thicknesses: 20mm and 30mm.The thickness of quartz is also determined by the kitchen's design, worktop space, and desired strength for daily wear and tear.


While 30mm quartz worktops are ideal for kitchen and bathroom worktops, as well as flooring in both residential and commercial areas, 20mm thick quartz can be used for kitchen islands, splashbacks, upstands, and windowsills. You can simply customize 20mm quartz worktops for different applications because they are lighter than 30mm quartz slabs. If you want to put quartz on your kitchen worktops, go for the 30mm thickness for a beautiful and lavish look. Choose 20mm worktops for splashbacks, wall cladding, and other places for a clean yet elegant appearance.

Where We can Use 20mm and 30mm:

A 20mm worktop is preferred by many homeowners over a 30mm worktop. That's because the thickness of 20mm worktops may be simply altered for both worktops and other areas such as upstands, splashbacks, and windowsills.

You don't need to reduce your 30mm quartz worktop to 20mm, which is a time-consuming and labor-intensive operation. If you need a thicker and more luxurious look, however, a 30mm kitchen counter top thickness is ideal.. However, 20mm quartz countertop thickness is required for splashbacks and  installations. This is because splashbacks and other appliances in the home appear better with a 20mm thickness than a 30mm thickness.

If you use the same 30mm thickness for upstands, splashbacks, and worktops, for example, your interior's overall visual appeal will drop. Therefore, you must consider which type of stone to use for which application. You will be able to make an wise purchase this way.

Advantages of 30mm?

Would it be advisable to always have a 30mm worktop in your kitchen? Yes, that is always the better option. Hobs of varying depths can now be found in many modern kitchen interiors. In most circumstances, a 20mm worktop will not be a good choice because it is not suitable for the same design. With a 20mm worktop, opening a drawer under becomes hard. As a result, sticking to a  thickness around 30mm is the ideal choice.

Induction hobs are becoming increasingly popular due to their compact appearance. Due to their induction coils at the bottom, these hobs can be used to create a minimalist look in any kitchen.. It's important to know the thickness of an induction hob before buying one. A 30mm quartz surface is indeed a better choice for placing an oven under the stove.

Atlast you need to decide which measurement you need it for your kitchen depending upon your budget and size. Although we can safely conclude that 20mm quartz and 30mm quartz are both good for kitchen worktops, the 20mm granite question remains unclear.

Advantages of 20mm?

The 20mm thickness of a worktop can be ideal for slim, sleek, contemporary design and add a modern flair to any room. Worktops made of 20mm quartz are lighter than those made of 30mm quartz slabs, so you can easily customize them for different applications. In addition, if you are considering quartz for kitchen worktops, choose the 30mm thickness for luxurious aesthetics. For the rest of your kitchen, such as splashbacks, upstand, windowspills, wall cladding, etc., choose 20 mm worktops to maintain an elegant, sleek appearance.

Wanted to have a marble worktops for kitchen? then go with 20mm which is cost effective and budget friendly.

Both are suitable for a kitchen countertop, so fabricate your preferred stone in any thickness for a kitchen countertop that looks elegant and satisfying. Let's take a closer look at these stones for your kitchen.

Few 20mm and 30mm Collections?

Calacatta Gold Quartz:



Calacatta gold quartz is an excellent choice for kitchens with lots of cooking and activity. The white background with gold veins makes the kitchen subtle and elegant, and most homeowners prefer their kitchen to be simple and classic.

Red Starlight Quartz:

Red Starlight brings a passionate red quartz surface to the interior. It also offers luxury and sophisticated looks, with mirror chips scattered over. Its durable quartz is recommended for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Statuario Quartz:

Statuario Quartz  is a  natural-looking glossy white backdrop and uneven darker grey streaks that give a luxurious look to attract your visitors.

The popular choice among every homeowner is that it makes the kitchen look modern and special.

Pietra Grey Marquina Quartz:

Pietra Grey Marquina Quartz has a darker grey background with authentic white veining designed for modern living with unique designs that make them look more natural.

Calacatta Oro Quartz:

Calacatta Oro Quartz has a light texture of delicate grey veins at affordable high-end looks and life-long durability

It's the perfect choice for creating white quartz countertops.

Paonazzetto Quartz: 

Paonazzetto Quartz features a beautiful white background with vibrant orange, gold, and black streaks that give elegance and majesty to your home. It is widely used to decorate opulent interiors, such as flooring and walls, worktops, and tile floors.

Statuario Premuim Quartz:

Statuario Premium Quartz is a premium white slab with beautiful grey veins spreading all over the stone that helps you achieve a lavish-looking kitchen. It is highly effective in masquerading as natural Statuario marble. Get the best quote from us to make you a special one.

We have shown you the best moving stones of 20mm and 30mm. In worktops, the standard stone size is 20mm or 30mm. We also have 

Standard 3000*1400                                

Jumbo 3200*1600                                      

Superjumbo 3500*2000

Check out our huge collection of stones 


Many homeowners are confused by the difference in thickness between quartz worktops, 30mm and 20mm. There are many varieties of thicknesses available but 30mm and 20mm are standard for any kitchen worktops. Some people have a preference, and they go with what they think looks good. In addition to considering the factors above, it is important to consider the points raised above when choosing between these two standard worktop thicknesses. Installing a new worktop in a kitchen is a big investment. Don't hesitate to pick the best stone from us.



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