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Quick Overview of Different Mylar Bag Food Storage Times

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We all have been through the pandemic and the tough times it brought upon us. Apart from taking good care of our health, we were also reminded that being prepared is always better. Especially when it comes to food and water which are crucial for our survival.

If you also want to be prepared for when SHTF next time, you need to start creating a long-term food storage plan. And using Mylar bags along with oxygen absorbers will be the best strategy.

Mylar bags are made with high-quality, metallic materials that prevent the entry of oxygen, moisture, and light. They are food-grade and hence are safe to use with all types of food items. But each food item has a different shelf life even when stored in Mylar bags. Knowing this will certainly help you develop an airtight long-term food storage plan.

Below 1 Year

Food items that are high in fat content and moisture content will stay edible for less than 1 year in Mylar bags. For example, nuts, raisins, brown rice, chocolate, crisps, crackers, nut butter, and more. They will go rancid quite quickly and hence you need to rotate them more often than other items.

For 1-3 Years

Dry biscuits, yeast, and beef jerky

For 3-5 Years

Ground Herbs, baby formula, full fat powdered milk, cornmeal, and sprouting seeds.

For 5-10 Years

Whole herbs, granola, powdered egg, quinoa, millet, mung beans, wheat flakes, and peanut butter.

For 10-20 Years

Chickpeas, buckwheat, black-eyed peas, whole wheat flour, white flour, butter powder, cocoa powder.

For 30 Years

Coffee, all types of grains (oats, rice, wheat grains), legumes (kidney beans, split peas, lima beans, lentils)

Now that you know different storage times for food items in Mylar bags, you must start developing a long-term food storage plan. And based on that, you can buy Mylar bags of different sizes from Wallaby.

Wallaby is amongst the select few companies that offer a wide range of Mylar bags for your long-term food storage plan. You can find small, medium, and large Mylar bags along with oxygen absorbers. The company is dedicated to provide high-quality, sturdy, and long-lasting Mylar bags that will keep your food fresh and edible for longer. Apart from Mylar bags, the company also provides other long-term food storage accessories to support your survival plan. Visit their website to know more.

About Wallaby:

Wallaby is a leading company that offers Mylar bags with oxygen absorber packets for long-term food storage.

For more information, visit https://wallabygoods.com/

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