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Quick wear of fancy flirting with men

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“Thank you.” The girl took a sip and then said, “Su Wenyuan is handsome and has great acting skills. He is a perfect man. I was bullied that time. He came to me like a God. Since then, I have fallen in love with him. But I am just a little star. Seeing him is an extravagant hope for me. I can only like him silently in my heart.” The girl took a deep breath and looked up firmly at Le Tong, “I want to be a movie queen with Su Wenyuan.” “All right.” For the first time, Le Tong saw the girl's appearance clearly. To tell the truth, she was very beautiful, especially her breathtaking peach blossom eyes. When she said her wish, she was a little surprised. “According to the rules, I help you realize your wish. In return, I need to extract your mental strength. This means that you have no afterlife. Would you like to?” “I do.” “The deal is done.” Le Tong looked at one by one, “pull out my information.” Name: Le Tong Gender: Female Appearance value: 70 Skin type: 65 Temperament: 60 Glamour: 50 IQ: 100 Mental strength: 70 Force: 45 Remaining allocation points: 5 “One by one, all added to the value of appearance.” Ding. The information is revised as follows: Name: Le Tong Gender: Female Appearance value: 75 Skin type: 65 Temperament: 60 Glamour: 50 IQ: 100 Mental strength: 70 Force: 45 Prepare to send the task interface.. …… “Le Tong, go and buy me a cup of coffee!” As soon as Le Tong woke up, he saw a gorgeous woman ordering him to do things. He frowned with displeasure, but finally nodded. It's better not to cause trouble before he accepts the memory. At the coffee shop, Le Tong himself ordered a cup of coffee and sat down to receive the memory slowly. One by one, memory transmission.. The client's parents are primary school teachers,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, On the client placed great expectations, Hope she can grow up to be a teacher. But didn't expect the client in the university entrance examination will secretly put the first volunteer of Beijing normal university into film and television Institute, Parents know after ask didn't ask the reason directly put her out, Cut off her living expenses, Parents know after They thought that this would force their daughter to come back and continue to go to normal school according to their wishes, but the client was also a stubborn temper. After being driven out,Self-closing Faucet, he went to school while playing a bit role to earn money. He did not contact his family for three years. During this period, he was barely a third-rate actor, but he could not get into the second line. To say that the client's acting skills were not bad, how could he not get in?! The reason is that her inferiority complex limits her development. Which director wants an actor who keeps his head down all the time. The consignor's parents are very demanding of the consignor, and they have a strong desire to control him. When he studies, the consignor will be scolded by his parents if he rarely gets the second place in the exam. It is normal for him to get the first place in the exam, and they never praise her. The consigner always feels that he is not as good as others. Over time, he has formed an inferiority complex. Her parents are very controlling, and the clients have been doing things according to their ideas since they were young, and the only time they resisted was to enter the entertainment industry. That's why the client's parents were so angry that they kicked her out. International movie king VS third-rate female star [2] (change) But this time the strategy goal is the international movie king Su Wenyuan, Er ~ in addition to know his appearance name memory unexpectedly no other useful information! The first time Le Tong met this kind of thing, he could only say that the wayward client, stainless steel squatting pan ,Flush valve price, forget it, take one step at a time! Fortunately, the time to enter now is the second year after the client ran away from home, and he has not yet met Su Wenyuan, so he can plan slowly. Le Tong finished his coffee and left with a cup of takeout and humming a ditty. As soon as he arrived at the crew, Le Tong habitually lowered his head. There was no way. The client was a very self-abased person before. If he suddenly changed, it would arouse suspicion. Xia Wei, your coffee. Le Tong walked in front of the gorgeous woman and handed over the coffee in her hand. The woman, Xia Wei, was a bit player with Le Tong. Because she had a gold owner, she is now a second-tier star. Did you call Xia Wei, too? You should call me Sister Xia. Xia only looked at Le Tong with an unhappy face. I said, what's the matter with you? Aren't you a female number four? As for being so arrogant? If you climb up to the female number one, you won't go to heaven? Before Le Tong could speak, her best friend Qin Zhirou, who was standing next to her, took the lead in choking. I talked to her, but I didn't talk to you. Why are you howling? “Xia Wei hates it when someone goes against her.” You When Qin Zhirou wanted to say something, she was pulled by Le Tong, who apologized to Xia Wei again and again, “I'm sorry, I'm sorry.” I apologize to you for her. She has an impulsive temper. You have a lot of adults. Don't be like us. Who are you? Do you tell me not to care and I will listen to you? Xia Wei glanced at Le Tong sarcastically, really thinking that she was something that dared to preach to herself. I just saw the paparazzi outside, if someone took the picture just now, I'm afraid it's not good for your image, so I just said a few words. Le Tong lowered his head and was still submissive, but what he said was quite threatening. Hum ~ “Xia Wei reluctantly listened to Le Tong's words, knowing that if he was photographed by the paparazzi, it was really not good for him, so he could only stop this time.”. Le Tong knew that Xia Wei had not been investigated, so he was relieved. He pulled Qin Zhirou to one side. “You, don't be so impulsive in the future. She is female number four, and we are walk-ons. We are the ones who suffer in the end.” “I know.” Qin Zhirou also knows that he is impulsive, although Xia Wei this person has no background, but can not bear him to have a gold owner, ah, if she wants to care is really enough to drink a pot of their own. Suddenly remembered what, Qin Zhirou excitedly looked at Le Tong, “Le Tong,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, do you think their paparazzi have photographed the scene just now?!”! It'll be fun if you get it! As long as I think of Xia Wei's mean picture just now being photographed and posted on the Internet, my heart has been refreshing. It's impossible to get a picture! Le Tong looked at Qin Zhirou and added, “There is no paparazzi at all. I lied to her.” 。 cnkexin.com


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