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QuickBooks Hosting: Top 8 Benefits for Tax Season 2022

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Every year, the tax season brings an opportunity for accountants to improve their revenue and enhance their customer base. However, seizing this opportunity with traditional medium and  QuickBooks Desktop working in an inflexible environment is not possible. Your employees don’t have remote access, which undermines their potential to serve the customer and improve business efficiency.  

QuickBooks Hosting is the solution that hosts QB Desktop to the cloud server. This means you can enhance the scalability, accessibility, and feasibility of the application. Your accounting team can function remotely, which can upsurge your efficiency and productivity.  

Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting for the Tax Season 2022 

In this driven and face-paced world, it is imperative to manage your financial and accounting activities. This generates a multitude of opportunities for CPA firms and accountants. Here’s how QuickBooks hosting can help you seize these opportunities.  

High Uptime  

Regardless of the application  you are using, every solution is expected to go through some downtime. This downtime is either due to the upgrade or maintenance of the software or a system crash. Downtime can occur due to number of reasons, such as:  

  • Your hardware broke, now you need to wait for it to fix. 
  • Your QuickBooks is getting updated. 
  • There are some system upgrades which are taking time. 
  • The software crashed because your hardware isn’t compatible or high-performing. 

When you experience downtime during the tax season, you experience a performance and productivity lag. With QuickBooks hosting, you can receive around 99.999% uptime promised by the most reliable hosting providers. This ensures high availability, on-time data retrieval, and better productivity.  

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Data Security  

QuickBooks Desktop’s security infrastructure should be deeply designed to prevent cyberattacks and safeguard valuable business data. This includes data encryption, physical data protection, Intrusion Detection and Prevention, etc. Implementing this security layer can be challenging for your IT team, considering a dozen other activities managed by the team. 

QuickBooks hosting helps improve the security of your software. The cloud provider uses advanced security measures, including multi-factor authentication, data encryption, Intrusion Detection and Prevention, AI-based system monitoring, anti-malware, etc. 

For example, whenever an employee from your company is willing to access hosted QuickBooks, they need to pass multi-factor authentication. Further, when the employee is accessing the software, you can use access control to define which data they can or cannot access, edit, modify, or delete.  

Unhindered Data Availability  

When you are working on office desktops, similar to the traditional workspace scenario, your data availability is dependent on a multitude of environmental and human factors. For example, a virus in your computer can corrupt your data. Or broken hardware can stop you from accessing your data. When these situations occur, your business is crippled for a long period of time – effectively, the low productivity phase.  

QuickBooks hosting helps host your software on many servers at once. Due to the server and data redundancy principle of the provider, your data is always available. There’s less chance of data loss caused by hardware failure or virus attack. You can even recover an accidentally deleted file with the backup image.  

 Simple Collaboration

QuickBooks software simplifies collaboration inside the office amongst bookkeepers, accountants, and other stakeholders. These involved parties can easily share data and collaborate over data.  

However, traditional QuickBooks Desktop involves sharing data with the customer and external stakeholders to and fro for collaboration. It is even hectic for two employees of the same team to work in real-time on a report or QuickBooks file. 

With QuickBooks hosting, you have remote access and real-time collaboration. Since we are operating directly from a centralized data center or disk space, all your employees can coordinate with one another in real-time. Any changes in reports and data are automatically updated in the database, which reflects in every instance of the file accessed by other employees. 

As a result, productivity and collaboration in the office are seamless.  

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity 

With the server redundancy principle, QuickBooks hosting ensures that your backups are stored on different isolated servers. During a natural or man-made disaster, where your hardware is damaged or you are unable to access it, you can use your backup from the cloud to restore functioning. 

This is to say that your data on the cloud is not lost during a disaster. QuickBooks hosting ends up making your disaster recovery and contingency plan extremely strong for unknown disruptions and disasters. 

For example, the pandemic is an example of the biggest disruption that we faced across every industry alike. With QuickBooks hosting, this disruption is minimized to make your tax season equally profitable even during the pandemic.   

Centralized Workplace Management 

Irrespective of the location of your employees, QuickBooks hosting helps you centrally manage your workplace. This means your accounting team can work on the go, from home, or office. Whenever they need to access QuickBooks to answer clients' queries, they only need a device with an internet connection. 

Optimum Support 

QuickBooks hosting provider supports your team to utilize and manage to function smoothly. This means you can reach the provider via email, phone call, chat, or another medium. With the right support, you are able to scale on-demand, eliminate errors quickly, and receive optimum support for data recovery, deployment, maintenance, and other complicated functions. 

On-Demand Scalability 

Since you are hosting your QuickBooks software on the cloud, you are able to scale it on demand. This means that during the tax season, when you need more storage, resources, or performance, you can scale on demand.  

When the requirement for these resources ends, you can descale and optimize your costs without hassle. 


QuickBooks hosting helps businesses improve productivity and operational efficiency during the tax season. From seamless collaboration and easy scaling options to quick deployment and upgrading, the structure is highly feasible and reliable. Find the right cloud hosting provider to




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