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Quickly wear incense to become a God introduction

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“Narrow?”? Playing around? No, I came back here to do justice for heaven. Chu Miaoli, holding a long peach wood sword, walked slowly out of a hidden corner with a little girl in green. The pupil of the white-haired old man tightened unconsciously because of Chu Miaoli's words. Although he did not know who the other side was, from the other side's treatment of his disciples and grandchildren, as well as what he had just said to him, he knew that the other side was not good! “Do justice for heaven?”? Little sister, why can't the old man understand what you mean? People who live in the south like to call girls when they see women younger than themselves. Little girls, big girls, old girls, everything. Although Chu Miaoli had learned from He Wuniang's mouth about all kinds of customs related to the Great South, she still had an indescribable sense of nausea when she heard such a white-haired old man pretending to call her sister affectionately, especially when she thought of what the other side had done that could be described as insane. You don't need to understand, you just need to know that I came here to take your dog's life! Chu Miaoli,sonicator homogenizer, who was too lazy to deal with him too much, gave a sneer, and in the anger of the white-haired old man, he steadily aimed the peach wood sword in his hand at him. Chapter 269 Bodhisattva Woman (9). The white-haired old man has not encountered such a situation of being provoked face to face for a long time since he got rid of his master and brothers one after another by some shady means. Take my dog's life? Little sister, what a big tone you have! Over the years, the white-haired old man,ultrasonic dispersion machine, who had become more and more arrogant because of the rising cultivation, changed his nervousness in the underground chamber and looked up and down at Chu Miaoli with a mocking look in his eyes. In his heart, he was also wondering how capable she was to touch his bad luck! Do you know that you should treat your predecessors with a minimum of respect? Or is it because your school never taught you this that you don't even understand the most basic etiquette? “……” Chu Miaoli, who had planned to say directly that she did not have a division, rolled her eyes after thinking of the two tasks issued to her by the mask, and changed her words directly: “Even such things as etiquette vary from person to person. My division only taught me to respect those sainted predecessors, but never taught me to respect animals like you who are not respected for their old age and entrap the world!” The white-haired old man's face was livid again because of Chu Miaoli's words. He stared at Chu Miaoli with his face contorted to the extreme and said, “Today, let me help your teacher to teach you a lesson, a cheap girl who doesn't know how to respect the old but still talks a lot!” The voice did not fall, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, the other person already took the crutch in the hand to rush toward Chu Miaoli. Chu Miaoli had long known his dirty character from the mouth of the group of child ghosts, and of course she would not take it lightly. Before the white-haired old man's crutch came near, she poured her magic power into the peach wood sword in her hand, and suddenly chopped down the crutch that hit the white-haired old man on his head. Seeing this scene, the white-haired old man could not help sneering, “cheap girl!”! If you think the old man's crutch is just a common crutch, then you are wrong! The old man tells you that this crutch of the old man is carefully made of a thousand-year-old ebony. Before the white-haired old man had finished speaking, he heard a click-the so-called thousand-year-old ebony crutch, which had just been blown up by him, had broken into two parts under his eyes! Stunned, the white-haired old man carried the upper half of his ebony crutch and could hardly believe what he saw in his eyes. “Humph!” Chu Miaoli sees this situation, sneer at, “old dog head!”! It seems that the crutches carefully made of ebony for thousands of years are just so so! The white-haired old man looked suspiciously at the ugly mahogany sword in Chu Miaoli's hand. He couldn't believe that the thousand-year-old ebony dragon crutch he loved as a treasure could be so easily split in half by an ordinary mahogany sword! Wait! The white-haired old man suddenly shrank his pupils, “You, your peach wood sword is actually.” It's a ghost flower?! How dare you! How dare you keep a ghost without permission! You are not afraid that it will go beyond your control and suddenly devour the Lord one day in the future, bringing disaster to the world! When the white-haired old man said this, he looked at the peach wood sword in Chu Miaoli's eyes, full of greed and covetousness! He had also dealt with demons and monsters for a long time, and no one knew better than him what a ghost like an arm meant to a strange person like them! The white-haired old man, who was ready to move in his heart, threw aside the thousand-year-old dragon head ebony crutch, which had been broken into two parts, and said, “Little sister, I see that you are beautiful and lovely. You have been cultivated to a high level at a young age. I can't bear to bully the small and embarrass you. As long as you are willing to offer the peach wood sword in your hand, I can decide to let you live and avoid your sins!” “It's a pity that you don't want to kill me today, but I want you to die!” Chu Miaoli, with a mocking tiptoe, continued to brandish his mahogany sword and stabbed the white-haired old man. Bitch! You're just toasting and not eating! The white-haired old man did not expect himself to say this, Chu Miaoli or so do not give face, simply spit out from the mouth of his own life has been refined for many years of magic weapon and Chu Miaoli fierce fight. The magic weapon of the white-haired old man's life is a seemingly ordinary copper bell, which was originally exchanged by his master from the market specially set up by the strange people on weekdays-not only the knife can not be broken, the axe can not be chiseled,ultrasonic dispersing machine, but also has a breathtaking magical effect! It was with this copper bell that he collected nearly ten thousand child ghosts one after another. Chu Miaoli looked at the copper bell and knew that the old man was serious, but she was still not afraid! As soon as the white-haired old man drove the copper bell out of his Dantian, she again brandished her mahogany sword and stabbed the copper bell. …… A newborn calf is not afraid of tigers! The white-haired old man sniffed at Chu Miaoli's behavior. fycgsonic.com



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