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RAKwireless Store 

Are you worried about your home security? Are you looking for the best security monitoring network? Just calm down, and as RAKwireless is there as your end-to-end security and monitoring partner. 

RAKwireless aims to create the best LoRaWAN Products at a super affordable range. But before going any further, let s first know more about LoRaWAN. Use Rakwireless Coupon Code to Get 30% OFF on your next purchase.

What is LoRaWAN?

LoRaWAN is a communication protocol and system network. It is a low-power, wide-area networking that wirelessly connects devices to the internet. Furthermore, LoRa or LoRaWAN operates in open licensed-free spectrums. 

LoRa devices and LoRaWAN are best for rural and indoor uses in case of wide-area range like homes, small industries, communities, buildings, etc. 

Moreover, LoRaWAN is unquestionably best for home security, leak tank detection, and other monitoring devices. Numerous stores sell LoRaWAN products and accessories. But finding the authentic LoRaWAN setups is a real struggle. While browsing, I came across RAKwireless. The store has an extensive range of LoRaWAN setups. Let's know more about RAKwireless. 

RAKwireless – Best products on LoRaWAN Technology

RAKwireless focuses on providing the best LoRaWAN technology products to the world. The store has an extensive and diverse range of products that helps to solve challenges in any situation. The store covers the following types, Industrial Grade, LPWAN Gateways, LPWAN Trackers, other monitoring nodes, etc. The products from this fantastic store are ready to use and durable. RAKwireless believes in making quality products and their partners. The store has a partnership with notable brands like The Things Network and ChirpStack. Let's know some benefits of this fantastic store. 

Benefits of RAKwireless

  • All the gateways come with RAKwireless's own and homegrown LoRa Servers. 

  • The kits from this brand are just perfect and make your products last forever. 

  • The nodes have integrated measurement sensors with Bluetooth radios for effortlessly meshing and pairing up with the device. 

  • RAKwireless offers 24/7 customer support and a 30 days money-back guarantee. 


  • The store offers no free shipping on the products. 

Best products from RAKwireless

Helium Developer Kit: This is one of the most productive Nordic microcontrollers. This wireless device incorporates Bluetooth or a bridge that helps us explore and maintain the global standards for low-power wireless IoT. The modules fuse with many helium networks ranging from air quality to smart tracking devices to sound sensing. 

Bundle Components -The product comes with 13 different features to address the potential applications. The pack includes WisBlock Base.,Core, Sensors, Interfaces, and Wireless. Along with LoRa, GPS, and BLE Antenna.

Price – The price of this prolific helium developer kit is $159.00. 

SenseCAP M1 Outdoor Enclosure Kit- This kit includes all the necessary parts to take your SenseCAP(not included) outdoor and keep it secure. The kit lets you place your SensorCAP to keep the outdoors safe from harsh conditions and maximize your profits. 

Bundle Components -This fantastic product includes a PoE injector, power cord, PoE splitter. Along with Zip ties, antenna cable, and a lot more necessary items.

Price – The price of a unique outdoor kit is just $154.00.

WisGate Edge Lite – This excellent ethernet connectivity tool is a total eight-channel LoRa Gateway. It acts as an onboard wifi setup that easily configures the help of wifi AP mode. 

  • The setup is a full LoRaWAN stack support

  • It has a multipack haul with ethernet and wifi. 

  • TF card for log backup

  • Can integrate with ChirpStack as well as TTN networking servers. 

Bundle Components -The packaging includes the WisGate Edge Lite, Lora antenna, Mounting screws, Anchors, Power Adapter.

Price – The price of this ethernet setup is $149.00. 

A Wrap-Up of RAKwireless

RAKwireless undoubtedly has come up as one of the best stores providing LoRaWAN setup, tools, and accessories. The prices of the products are pretty affordable and come with a warranty. Its WisGate Edge Lite is my favorite and is appropriate for households, small offices, communities, and buildings. Moreover, RAKwireless provides 24/7 customer support and 30 days return policy. Altogether, RAKwireless has the best LoRaWAN technology tools, accessories, LPWAN gateways, trackers, etc.

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