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Ramadan decoration For Kitchen and Prayer Room

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One room you want to notice during Ramadan is the kitchen since preparing meals is a significant part of the holy month. Putting lovely Ramadan decorations around can help set the mood:

Crescent-shaped cookie cutters are available. Getting in the baking mood during Ramadan will be a blast!

Encourage the kids to express their artistic side by drawing a Ramadan crescent moon and stars on the wall. It's a great and simple way to decorate during Ramadan with kids.

Place a vase of Ramadan flowers on the kitchen counter. You may use the flowers to decorate the table and drapes with their color and texture.

Some common Ramadan decorations are lanterns on the kitchen table and moon-shaped pillows covered in an Arabian-style tablecloth.

Decorate the entrance to the kitchen with wreaths and garlands in honor of Ramadan. This includes Ramadan paper lanterns, the most effective Ramadan decorations for youngsters to create.

Prayer Area:

Dedicating a prayer location at home is one of the finest things you can do for yourself and your family to get into a spiritual attitude, which is what Ramadan is all about.

Whether it's a corner in the bedroom or living room, you may follow these suggestions to get started:

Put a soft chair and a lamp in a quiet corner so you can read the Quran in peace.

Get some bright new prayer garb and a mat for the floor next to your chair.

Place a Quran stand on a side table next to a rosary holder for easy access to both religious texts.

Create a small coffee or tea nook near the prayer space and decorate it with potted plants or lanterns to use during the intervals between prayers.


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