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Ramp Up Your Sales Process With Visual Product Configuration

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Product configurator software has been around for years despite recently becoming a popular phrase, but some people are still unsure of what it is.

Before we discuss the value of product configurator software, let’s discuss what it is.

What is product configurator software?

Software that helps consumers choose a product to fit their needs is known as a product configurator (sometimes termed a product configurator tool). The tool controls the rules that let the user execute a task.

The user cannot modify the product further until the configuration rules engine has verified an input. A product configuration process’ beautiful simplicity is built on developing and testing complicated product rules.

A sound visual product configuration strategy can significantly shorten your customer journey, boost secondary and tertiary sales, and free up your sales force to concentrate on their primary job duties if your company actively seeks ways to achieve digital transformation in a B2B context.

It’s great that we now understand CPQ and its functions. Let’s delve further and look at some visual product configuration in action samples from the real world.

When to consider using visual product configuration?

A product configurator can automate time-consuming operations if your company has trouble producing proposals on time or delivering real-time pricing.

A product configurator can also assist manufacturing firms in automatically creating product information while decreasing the possibility of human error.

Large e-commerce companies depend on product configurator software to let all of their customers alter things to suit their preferences and demands.

The benefit of product configurator software for Your Business

Let’s examine more closely how product configurators promote business growth.

1. Optimized Sales Processes

The sales quotation and order procedure are strongly tied to product configurators.

Sales representatives do more than turn leads into clients. In actuality, they only spend a third of their time selling. They spend some of their time coming up with quotes and ideas.

Businesses utilize a CPQ solution governed by rules to speed up the sales process (which stands for configure, price, quote). By doing this, they can produce quotes faster, greatly reducing the time needed for approval and onboarding new salespeople.

2. Improve Business Procedures

Helping customers choose configurations involves handling a lot of moving elements, including estimates, source materials, pricing, costs, and licenses, to mention a few.

Important sales-related data used to be stored in several systems or on various desktop PCs scattered throughout the business. As a result of several copies of the same papers being spread around the organization, data would frequently become outdated or incomplete.

Bottlenecks and mistakes were unavoidably the results of this.

To lower the occurrence of erroneous data, product visualization configurators were added.

Consumers are guided to options they can actually choose through apps that run rules-based product configurator software, which speeds up the process.

4. Encourage Your Sales Teams

Salespeople must learn about complicated items’ features, requirements, and compatibility difficulties. Regardless of the product that requires setup, businesses can standardize and manage all the essential configuration information in one location.

Giving sales representatives access to this knowledge enables them to concentrate on consumers. For example, a configurator can prompt a sales representative to cross- or upsell products.

Profits can be increased via upselling. However, finding the ideal options for each product can be difficult for sales representatives. Because of this, a rules-based product rendering can present the best service options for every conceivable client requirement right away.

5. Fewer Errors

Even though order returns are necessary for all firms, product configurator software can significantly lower their frequency.

No matter how complicated the product is, the configurator does not accept erroneous submissions. This eliminates errors and lowers order return rates.

Summing up

Product configurator software speeds up new hire onboarding and decreases the likelihood of errors. By enhancing internal (between various departments) and external (with customers) communication, KBMax visual product configuration allows businesses greater control over output.

Companies can decide who should be in charge of handling the configured order thanks to software solutions that are accessible to both staff and customers.


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