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Many gemstone enthusiasts aspire to collect rare gemstones one day but do not know where to begin from. Ideally, they start from organising all the gemstones they already have and start noting its details in a separate paper. But many people stuck when it comes to adding more gemstones that will boost the value of their collection. 

Are you also planning to start your gemstone collection? What are the rare gemstones that can add value to your collection? First of all, you should check the top List of Diamond Jewellery Wholesalers, and connect with their experts. 

List of rare and exquisite gemstone that can widen your horizons:

  • Kunzite – Have you ever heard of Kunzite? It is one of the rarest gemstones that should definitely get a place in every gemstone lover’s collection. It is a brilliant stone that comes in vivid orchid-pink colours. That’s not all, this stone is so large that gemologists measure them in millimetres rather than inches. Although this crystalline beauty has been around the corner for the last 100 years only, it has quickly made a name for itself in the market. 

  • Tanzanite – Any gemstone lover cannot afford to miss out on this blue beauty. It enjoys immense popularity among all the gemstone lovers. This stone is only found in Tanzania. So, make sure you connect with a reputed and seasoned gemologist to get an original Tanzanite for your collection.

  • Golden Sphalerite – Make an outstanding addition to your gemstone collection with a Golden Sphalerite. The kind of lustre and sparkle this stone has is unmatchable. If gemstone experts are to be believed, then this stone has three times more dispersion than a diamond. However, due to lack of demand and popularity, this gemstone comes at a very high price. So, make sure you check your budget before going ahead with it. 

  • Pakistani Peridot – Another organic addition to your gemstone collection would be a Pakistani Peridot. Interestingly, the current price of this mystical gemstones is almost 20 times higher than it was found for the first time. Many gemstone lovers aspire to get this beauty for their collection. You should only trust the top 10 diamond companies in the world for an authentic Pakistani Peridot stone. 

These were some excellent and rare gemstone options for you to display in your collection. Apart from this, you can also go for Spinel, Unheated Sapphire, Benitoite, Grandidierite, and Jadeite. Whichever stone you select, just make sure you clean it with a very mild solution. Any exposure to harsh chemicals can damage the shine and lustre of these precious gemstones. Good luck with your collection. 


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