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Rats are clean, intelligent pets that are especially good for households with young children because they rarely bite. Rats prefer living in groups, so if you want to grow them together, you should get at least two of the same sex. Rats require a sizable wire cage with various climbing platforms, exercise wheels, and other possibilities for movement. Additionally, they need comfortable resting areas, such as a hammock and a nesting box strung from the cage's roof.

The optimum food for a pet rat consists of commercially prepared pellets, with occasional treats of vegetables and fresh fruits. Rats also require wood blocks to chew on because their front teeth are constantly growing.

Rats frequently develop malignant mammary tumors; however, an ovariohysterectomy performed before 6 months of age can reduce this risk. Additionally, chronic respiratory infections brought on by Mycoplasma germs are common in rats.

Your veterinarian Boulder, CO is a valuable resource regarding issues affecting your pet’s health and behavior.


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