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ALFALFA HONEY has a wide variety of health benefits. These benefits include anti-bacterial properties, flavonoid, and polyphenol content. Alfalfa hay is high in nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, manganese, and sodium. It is used to promote good digestion, proper appetite, healthy skin, hair, and nails as well as good digestion and metabolic rate. It is also used to improve stamina, energy, sexual function, and immunity. Below you will learn about some of the best uses for Alfalfa Honey.


In Cooking

The honey found in this sweet alfalfa is commonly used as a sweetener in salads, ice creams, fruit juices, and smoothies. Best Uses For Alfalfa Honey: The honey from this plant is high in antioxidants which help prevent cancer. It goes great with salads, soups, meat dishes, and cheese platters. To use just a teaspoonful of the honey in a recipe add the nectar to first mixture, blend well and then add the second ingredient. Spread the cooled honey on food to absorb the flavors and then enjoy the dish.


In Weight Loss

There are many different ways to use this plant for weight loss. The beneficial antibacterial properties help get rid of toxins that are stored in the body. It tastes wonderful and is a natural way to curb hunger. You can add a spoonful of this to your yogurt each day for added flavor. It works to increase the rate at which your body burns fat. You can make a delicious and easy dessert by melting some of this honey in a bowl of ice cream.

Candida And Yeast Infections

Many people don't realize that there are many good sources of antifungal ingredients such as alfalfa honey. This sweet clover honey has antimicrobial and antibacterial activity. It has been proven to help kill yeast overgrowth. It is safe to take three times daily, in the morning, afternoon and evening. You will find a light amber-colored liquid when you steep one tablespoon into hot water.


Diarrhea Relief

This plant contains a large number of enzymes and polysaccharides that have a powerful effect on your bowels. It also contains vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. Alfalfa honey makes an excellent candida diet aid due to its soothing and healing effects. The nectar from these varieties is combined with buckwheat honey for the best results.


Salad Dressings

This sweet, clear liquid from this plant has a mild yet strong flavor. It can be used as a dressing for salads or added to soups, stews, and vegetable dishes for a rich, natural flavor. You'll love how the tangy flavor of alfalfa honey adds flavor to tomato sauces, olive oil, and other favorite foods. You can even add a teaspoonful to cold salad dressings to enhance the flavor. You can buy bottles of alfalfa honey in bulk at your local health food store.


Colon Cleansing

This superfood contains an extensive array of enzymes and polysaccharides that work as a powerful detoxifier and an anti-inflammatory agent. It also has a remarkable ability to induce mucus production, which can help remove toxins and waste materials from your body. In addition, alfalfa honey types are great for boosting the immune system. These properties have been proven by clinical studies to help protect your body from colds, flu, and even to protect your cells from cancer-causing chemicals. As a result, you can use alfalfa honey for colon cleansing or for detoxifying your body.

The most amazing fact about alfalfa honey is that it contains more antioxidants than any other honey types on the market today. Antioxidants can help rid your body of free radicals, which build up over time due to exposure to environmental irritants like smoke and air pollution. Antioxidants also help boost your immune system, so you can protect yourself from colds, flu, and other health problems. If you add this amazing superfood to your diet, you can enjoy all the health benefits of alfalfa honey without ever feeling hungry again. Add raw honey to your smoothies, salads, cereals, oatmeal, yogurt, milk, and much more.


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