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Raw Rolling Products: A Comprehensive Guide to the Best in the Industry

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In the world of rolling papers and smoking accessories, Raw stands out as a beacon of quality and innovation. Founded by Josh Kesselman, Raw Rolling Products have gained a loyal following among smoking enthusiasts for their commitment to natural, unrefined products. This article delves into the various Raw rolling products available, exploring what sets them apart in a competitive market.


The Philosophy Behind Raw

Raw’s philosophy is rooted in simplicity and purity. Their rolling papers are made from unrefined plant fibers with no additives or chemicals, ensuring a clean, natural smoke. This dedication to purity has resonated with consumers looking for a healthier smoking experience. The papers are vegan-friendly, GMO-free, and use natural tree sap gum for the adhesive strip.


Raw Rolling Papers

At the heart of Raw’s product lineup are their iconic rolling papers. Available in various sizes and types, these papers cater to different preferences and needs.



Classic Rolling Papers

Raw Classic Rolling Papers are the cornerstone of the brand. These papers are made from a blend of unbleached plant fibers, giving them their characteristic light brown color. They burn evenly and slowly, allowing smokers to savor their sessions.


Organic Hemp Rolling Papers

For those seeking an even more natural option, Raw offers Organic Hemp Rolling Papers. These papers are made from pure hemp and are completely free of pesticides and fertilizers. They offer a smoother, cleaner burn compared to traditional rolling papers.



Connoisseur Rolling Papers

Raw’s Connoisseur line combines rolling papers with built-in tips, providing a convenient all-in-one solution for smokers. The tips are made from natural, unrefined paper and help to filter the smoke, enhancing the overall experience.


Raw Pre-Rolled Cones

One of Raw’s most popular innovations is their pre-rolled cones. These cones come ready to fill, making the rolling process quick and easy, especially for those who struggle with rolling by hand.



Classic Cones

Raw Classic Cones are crafted from the same unrefined plant fibers as their classic rolling papers. They come in various sizes, from the standard the massive Supernatural cone, which can hold up to 10 grams of material.


Organic Hemp Cones

The Organic Hemp Cones offer the same convenience as the classic cones but are made from pure hemp. They provide a cleaner, more natural smoking experience and are available in multiple sizes.



Raw Smoking Accessories

In addition to rolling papers and cones, Raw offers a range of smoking accessories designed to enhance the smoking experience.



Rolling Trays

Raw’s rolling trays are a staple for any smoker. Made from durable metal or bamboo, these trays provide a convenient surface for rolling and help to keep smoking areas tidy.


Tips and Filters

Raw offers a variety of tips and filters, including their classic pre-rolled tips and perforated wide tips. These accessories help to filter out tar and other impurities, providing a smoother smoke.



Grinders and Storage

Raw also offers high-quality grinders and storage solutions. Their grinders are made from natural materials like wood and hemp plastic, ensuring they align with the brand’s commitment to sustainability. Their storage options, such as the Raw Cache Box, keep smoking supplies organized and fresh.


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