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Cross platform app development has recently caught the attention of many business owners, app developers, and mobile developers. Due to the immense number of features and functions that app developers get in using cross platform Technologies, it is no doubt that this is the technology for survival. In the industrial area of modernization business and app developers I am looking forward towards developing multiple apps using a single platform. This apps are developed in such a way that provides value to users and helps them to get on with their day to day lives. 

As smartphones have become a part of our lives, we are ever dependent on the usage of Smartphones. app developers have followed this trend and flooded the app stores with multiple apps that have many features and functionalities. When it comes to app development developers and programmers must be sure to provide the value to the users through innovative app development ideas. This is in the favour of users as they get to use the app to the fullest extent possible, as well as solve their problems that they face. 

In the Quest to become the world's leading cross platform app development, there are several Technologies that are competing with each other. Recent technology has caught our attention due to the immense number of features and functions that it brings to the table and provides the necessary features for app developers to develop innovative apps and bring exceptional functionality to them. Cross platform app development using react-native has become one of the Pioneer Technologies that bridges the gap between native and cross platform technologies to provide seamless development efforts for developers and programmers worldwide. Let us have a look at what react-native has to bring to the table:

Live Reload

Live reload is similar to hot reload flutter uses. Using live reload, developers and programmers can get to see the changes that they do to code in real time without having to recompile the application or the iron for integrated development environment that they work on. 

Because of this the changes that are done to code is visible in real time and on an immediate basis. this saves efforts on the developers front by reducing the force that a developer needs to put for creating the application. This saves precious time and thus reduces the time taken for the developer to create the application.

Single Code base

Using a single code base features and functions of a by react native, developers can develop applications and run on cross platforms such as Android and and IOS all through using a single code base. This reduces the efforts and the cost that the developers put in developing the application as they can only focus on creating a clone version of the application. 

Apps created using react native, are exactly similar in nature and provide the same functionality as you can expect from an native app. Having a single code base truly helps the developer in concentrating and sustaining efforts into creating the app, without having to worry about how he would implement the features in the app.

Cross platform development

React-native has provided developers and programmers the features to develop cross platform apps pretty easily and efficiently. Using features such as live reload and single code base would help developers create new and innovative apps for the masses. Organisations and companies who are into app development are looking forward to using the newest features offered by react-native in order to develop cross platform apps that are able to run seamlessly on platforms such as Android and IOS.

Cost and Time efficient

Because of react native the time and effort that the developers put in creating apps are reduced drastically. This reduces the overall cost of the application that needs to be developed within the tight deadlines. companies and organisations which are looking to develop a minimum viable app or a minimum viable product will immensely benefit from this feature. 

Programmers and developers need to understand where they can concentrate their efforts when developing apps that provide unique and innovative features and functions. Organisations who are into app development are looking forward to using the features of react native and providing new and innovative apps for the masses.

Easy Maintenance and Testing

Apps developed using react native, not only maintenance friendly but also goes easier on testing. developers and testers will be able to coordinate and cooperate easily when it comes to testing apps developed using react native. Testers will be able to write use cases for that as well as testing them efficiently and easily without any difficulty. Therefore react native has provided a way for developers and programmers to easily and efficiently test their applications for making it bug and defects free.


Because of the benefits, react-native has emerged as one of the most prominent Technologies for use by developers and designers. 


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