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Read Japanese manga with ease without worrying about translation

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Do you know that like our famous dc comic and marvel comic, there is a different comic produced in the lands of Japan? Japanese people are known for their rich literature, craft, and culture. Japan has its own set of comic reading known as manga in the local language. Earlier, the manga was only available in Japan and could be understood by those who knew Japanese. But over time, the engagers of manga reading have grown worldwide, and the comic is now among the most demanded books. Thanks to various online sites that make reading manga easy. One of such sites is mangadex.

How do you read the manga?

Earlier manga could be deciphered by only those people who had at least basic knowledge of the Japanese language and reading style. The reading pattern of Japan is different from reading Hindi or English. Japanese read their text from bottom to top or right to left, i.e., moving backward. But with the advancement in technology, many new sites have come up that have made manga reading easy. All you have to do is upload your manga book on their site, or you can also choose from their online libraries. But before listening to manga, here are some basic things you need to understand

Manga books can be broadly classified into three parts

Manpu, Fukidashi, Gitano. The Man is the symbol used in the comic to express various emotions such as sadness, anger, happiness, tiredness, etc. this is the first component used to connect the readers to the characters through emotions and feelings.

The Fukidashi is the bubble of speech that gives the manga characters their space to say the dialogue. In this bubble, the dialogues are typed against the character.

The Gitano is used for illustrating sound effects used in the manga. It could be the accompanying sounds along with Fukidashi or the background sound that a reader is expected to feel while he reads.

You can choose from different genres

 Like comic books, manga is also available in different themes for readers. There is an incredibly massive set of reading material available online; you can choose thriller, adventure, action, drama, sci-fi, love, war, romance, kids’ fun, and much more. And you know something unique about manga? This book is available for all age groups, and all ages have their unique manga, like different manga written for kids, adults, and older adults. So, not only do you get to eat different themes, but also different varieties according to age.

Why us?

 Our website provides free-of-cost manga translation and reading services to its clients. We do not compromise on the quality of manga and the quality of sound. You can also enjoy the visuals while you listen to them on our website. What could be better than getting free entertainment on your screens? Like other websites, we do not ask our users to register on our site. Land on the home page and select your piece of interest. Enjoy at your leisure.



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