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Read this Push Money App scam review and never suffer from it ever.

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The push money app scam is a website that claims to send out thousands of dollars every day and turn customers into millionaires. It also claims to be a sophisticated tool that can create funds for you in a short amount of time.

What exactly is the Push Money App?

Push Money App is an investment platform that allows users to register, invest, and earn money quickly. It is linked to binary options trading investments and was developed and designed by Mike Callahan and Dennis Moreland. All of the advertising videos also star Dennis Moreland. His persuasion talents constitute the majority of the push app's popularity.

They claim it's the finest binary options trading software, but he fails to mention why it's effective. The company also claims that they have paid a lot of money to beta testers from all walks of life.

Sadly, there is no reliable information available concerning this trading software. The approach used by Push Money App to provide profitable indications to traders, for example, is not mentioned on the website or in the presentation video.

How does the app work?

The Push Money App is simple to operate. To complete your registration, all that is required is your name and email address. You get a $10,000 VIP membership bonus right away, but you have to choose any affiliated broker using the trading app to get it. Then they demand that you pay a minimum of $250 to completely activate your trading account.

And, despite receiving the $10000 bonus, you must deposit $10000 from your cash into your trading account. After that, you can continue auto trading by clicking the auto trading icon in your application.

It is said to be a fantastic choice for both beginner and experienced traders due to the software's ability to perform everything for you. But, once you begin to use Push Money App, you will quickly find that you must have a basic understanding of these markets to thrive. Furthermore, the welcome screen will warn you that unless you completely follow their directions, you will not receive the expected results.

Is Push Money App a scam?

The application appears to be legitimate, however, it is a concocted binary option, just like most other bogus trading software. The app owner utilizes phony screenshots, paid actors for testimonials, and a variety of lies to promote the fraud.

The trading software appears to be fake, according to a thorough analysis. The information about the trading software's performance in the pitch video and on the website is false and misleading.

How is Push Money a scam?

  • Fraudulent owners: In an investigation, it was found that the “creators” Dennis Moreland and Mike Callahan are frauds whose information isn’t available on any social networking site. Turns out Dennis Moreland is an actor who was paid to promote this app.
  • Paid Actor: In the promotional video of the app, a lady is shown saying she earned $10,000 in just four hours. Which is a fake one and the actor is also paid.
  • Location: The location from where the app works are non-existent. 


The Push Money App is nothing but a scam with fraudulent software, reviews, location, and maybe even its registration. In all senses, the app turns out to be a fraud and many people have lost money to them. 

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