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Have you ever wondered if you should get Real State 3D scan? There are many reasons to get this done. This article outlines the benefits, costs, and getting started. Keep reading to discover the answers to these questions. Once you've decided to get your home scanned, you'll be glad you did. In this article, we'll review the advantages of getting Real State 3D scanned, as well as the costs involved.

Real State 3D scans

Real State 3D scans are the latest tricks in the book for presenting property. The benefits of real estate 3D scans are numerous. Not only does it allow sellers to conduct virtual tours of the property, it also gives buyers a chance to check out the whole area at their convenience. It is even fun to use, which makes it an appealing option for sellers who want to attract potential buyers. However, not all real estate agents and developers are willing to take the plunge and invest in 3D scanning.

Using real estate 3D scans enables accurate documentation of the as-built condition of the property. By comparing the property with an ideal counterpart, you can create a floor plan with complete details. The resulting digital data can be used for a variety of purposes, including insurance, documentation, inventory, and resource asset management. The 3D information can be used in ML processes and even for the analysis of condition.


While 2D floor plans may have their benefits, 3D technology offers a whole new level of detail. It is possible to take a virtual tour of a house or apartment before a potential buyer even sets foot on the property. Buyers will not only appreciate the aesthetic beauty of a property, but they will also have the opportunity to visit the whole area at their own pace. Furthermore, 3D technology allows developers to showcase models of their property in a more unique way.

As more millennials are looking to buy a home, offering a 3D Matterport scan is essential for realtors and home sellers. Moreover, a recent study by the National Association of Realtors found that properties with 3D Matterport scans sold for more money and took 31% less time to sell than homes that did not have the technology. With the help of 3D Matterport scans, real estate agents can provide clients with an immersive experience in order to help them decide which property is best for them.


The cost of Real State 3D scanning can range anywhere from $100 to several thousand dollars. Some companies even charge as little as $100 an hour. Before you sign up for this service, make sure you know the accuracy of the device. It should be able to accurately render objects with a dark background and a spinning motion. Also, be sure to check the settings of your 3D scanner so you get accurate results. This type of scanning will take anywhere from 90 minutes to several hours to complete.

A high-quality 3D scan can be $499 for a 1,500-square-foot property. For an additional $25 per square foot, you can also have a 2d rendered blueprint of your property created. You can even have drone shots taken for a few hundred dollars. An estimated lot line can be as low as $175. If you want to explore all the details of a home, 3D scanning is an excellent option.

Getting started

While 3D real estate scans are not yet the industry standard, they can help set apart luxury properties from the average home. In addition to providing more detail, these scans are engaging and allow potential buyers to inspect the entire property at their leisure. Moreover, these scans are more accurate than a 2D plan, so potential buyers may choose to return to the listing after seeing it in 3D. So, getting started with Real State 3D scanning is a great way to enhance your listings.

Using Matterport software, you can view the property as it takes shape and access a suite of editing tools. You can add media, a descriptive note, and much more to the digital twin. After scanning, you can even share the scans with colleagues and clients. And of course, if you want to sell your property with a digital 3D model, you can also include a video of the interior and exterior.



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