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I am pretty sure, during your school days, you must have given speeches on your country and patriotism occasionally. But we all know that the “influence” of that speech stays till everyone leaves the school premises. Probably the next day, none of your friends or even you would remember anything related to the speech. In this digital world, blogs have turned out to be the best way to not only encourage people to read, remember, but also allows them to share their views on the topic. Through patriotic blogs, people can step back and see the bigger picture. Moreover, blogs give us the content to share and talk about on social media, thus, your patriotic blog can be viewed and read by tons of people.

When it comes to talking about patriotism, politics, religion, there is a strong possibility that not more than seventy-five percent would not even dare to go on the large-scale debate with others. Patriotic blogs help us to come out of our tiny shells and express our views and opinions about our country. It’s time to get open to the world with patriotic blogs.

The concept of patriotism is all about love and respect for your homeland. This induces a sense of solidarity, unity, and we-feeling among the members of society. These sentiments keep us bind together, this provides us the common goal to do something for our homeland. Whenever we see someone singing the national anthem, displaying the flag, or wearing patriotic clothing, it often lightens our mood and our love and loyalty for the country just gets stronger.

Patriotism Makes for a Stronger Nation

In a time of crisis, where people are trying to bring each other down and ruining the country, constructive patriotism becomes really important. Writing patriotic blogs will bring a sense of unity and solidarity among the people. Patriotic blogs can make a stronger nation. It will allow people to express their feelings, emotions, views, opinion, and will make the country stronger as a whole. More individuals will be able to relate and will make supporting efforts to make the country stronger.

A Patriotic blog brings fortitude and strength

By writing a patriotic blog, you can exude a special strength in showing your dedication towards the country. The patriotic blog will promote common goals and will provide shared values among the people that would promote the best of the country. We know that patriotism comes in all different forms and we show it in different forms as well. Be it participating in any service, volunteering for social work, or writing patriotic blogs and essays, you should use your strength to do what’s right and what’s best for the country.

Understand the ideals of the nation

Patriotism personifies the sacrifice we make for our homeland to protect its honor. To protects its honor, it is essential that each and every one of us understands the ideals that our nation recognizes. By writing a patriotic blog, you can remind people that patriotism is not related to politics or political party but instead it is all about respecting our homeland and its constitution. Patriotic blogs can make people realize that they should feel proud for having a sense of responsibility towards their nation and will encourage them to remain the same.

Patriotic blogs can help to differentiate between patriotism and nationalism

Patriotic blogs can be a great way to differentiate between patriotism and nationalism. Previously, they were used interchangeably but along the way, they have significantly diverged. People are still confused between these two concepts and often carry out violent acts in the name of patriotism. These two notions are different and not many people talk about how and why. Patriotic blogs can clarify that these two notions are neither same neither interconnected.

Patriotism stands for love and strong devoted love one has for his. The feeling of love and strong loyalty, sense of responsibility is patriotism while nationalism refers to the political ideology to protect the interest of the nation. Nationalism has a negative connotation as it consists of political ideas and beliefs that support extreme and exclusionary love that later turns into violence. Patriotism is simple love, respect, and protection of our homeland while nationalism is extreme violent love that takes place at the expense of foreigners, immigrants, and people from different racial and religious grounds.


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