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Every brand has its own reason criteria for changing fonts on their WordPress site. Below, we’ve mentioned some of the most common ones that you can consider – if conducting or planning to make changes in web fonts.

 1. Improved Readability: No matter even if you’ve spent thousands of dollars on your WordPress site if the context’s text isn’t crystal clear – the results of the web will be of increased bounce rate and lower Google rankings.

Different fonts have varying levels of readability. Some fonts may have clear, well-defined characters that are easy to read, while others may be more busy and challenging to crack.

Choosing a font that enhances readability such as Georgia, Helvetica, and PT Sans & PT Serif can ensure that visitors to your website can easily consume your content and increase engagement.

 2. Brand Identity: Font echos the brand’s personality, values, and voice, 

which usually remain standard even across the visuals of social platforms, logos, and stationery designs.

The collection of such brand standard information is defined as a brand guide. Selecting a font that aligns with your brand’s identity can help reinforce brand recognition and consistency across a website and even all marketing materials.

3. Mobile Optimization: Verdana, Arial, and Tahoma font families are the top three most suited for small screens. Choosing an optimized font for mobile can help you improve user experience on each device including for the mobile, tab, and desktop.

It also ensures that your content remains legible and attractive to all screen users.

4. Localization: When your website is serving multiple national audiences, using fonts that support each location and writing system is important.

This is one of the major factors each business size must consider when their business is scaling standardly or is about to. Multilingual fonts ensure that your content is displayed correctly and legibly, regardless of the user’s language.

 5. Accessibility: It is a crucial consideration for web design. Certain fonts are designed to be more accessible, with features like increased letter spacing and clear characters.

Using accessible fonts can make your website more inclusive and compliant with accessibility standards, improving the user experience for individuals.

6. Differentiation: Pick any business niche, There are numerous top, mid, and, beginners in it. In this crowded online space, having a unique or custom font can set your website apart from competitors.

A distinct font choice can make your site more memorable and leave a lasting impression on visitors.

7. Experimentation: Considering font change for A/B testing practices is suggested when you are just turning to a mid-size business from a startup.

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