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The name Honda Brio is not a new name in Indonesia. Since its release for the first time, this car has received public attention thanks to its small body shape but still seems sporty. In fact, until 2020, the Honda Brio is still in the first rank of the best-selling Honda car sales according to the claims of PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM).

Digging a little history of this tiny car, the Honda Brio was first introduced to the public in 2011 in Thailand and India. Only in 2012, PT Honda Prospect Motor was introduced in Indonesia. Due to sales that met the target and got a good impression from consumers, Honda Brio released the Facelift in 2016.

The second generation of Honda Brio is present in 2018. The All New Honda Brio offers 5 new variants namely S M / T, E M / T, E CVT, RS M / T, and RS CVT. Judging from the variant name, Honda Brio offers two types of transmission, 5 speed manual and CVT. This certainly makes it easier for consumers to choose according to their driving comfort.

Just for your information, there are differences from the first and second generations. The second generation Honda Brio comes with a wider car dimension. If in the first generation the dimensions of the car were 3,610 mm long, 1,680 mm wide, and 1,470 mm high, in the second generation it was 3,815 mm long, 1,680 mm wide and 1,485 mm high. So the second generation has a wider cabin.

Do not forget that there are some additional accessories in the second generation Honda Brio. Like a larger car grille combined with chrome accents and the H logo, a hallmark of Honda. Then the bumper is now more sporty thanks to the indentation in the fog lamps.

Tips for Buying a Honda Brio

With the impression of a small and cheap car, it's no wonder the Honda Brio is in great demand in Indonesia. Then with several car variants, different transmissions, and color choices, it can also give prospective buyers the option to bring home the Honda Brio according to their individual preferences.

Therefore, with the many enthusiasts of the Honda Brio, we want to explore more about the reasons why you should bring this car home. We will also include the shortcomings of this car, so you can also consider before buying this car.

Reasons to Buy A Honda Brio Car

First of all, we will present some reasons to buy the newest Honda Brio car. What are you curious about? Check out the explanation below.

1. Affordable Car Prices

The first reason to buy a Honda Brio is that it is affordable. In fact, this car is the cheapest of Honda's various products. For the lowest type, the Brio S M / T, is priced at Rp. 146 million. As for the highest type, the latest Brio RS CVT is sold at Rp. 199.6 million.

indeed, all variant prices do not have more than 200 million. Honda Brio is suitable for those of you who have a minimal budget. The price difference is not too high. So you can consider what variant you will buy.

In addition to paying directly in full, you can also use an installment system to buy the latest Honda Brio. Even though this installment system actually has a higher total price than paying for the whole, it's still affordable.

2.Tiny Dimensions Suitable for Traffic  Areas

Talking about the dimensions of the car, the Honda Brio includes the dimensions of a small car. The new Honda Brio has car dimensions with a length of 3,815 mm, a width of 1,680 mm and a height of 1,485 mm. With its tiny body, the Honda Brio is perfect for use in urban areas where traffic jams often occur.

With a slim and tiny body, it can break through traffic jams in the middle of the city

So, it's no wonder, the Honda Brio is often used by users who perform high mobility in urban areas. With its sleek dimensions and also a matter of affordable price, the Honda Brio is in great demand by consumers in the country.

3. Engine Performance and Fuel Efficiency

Although the Honda Brio is a small car and is a cheap car, the engine performance is not in doubt. Honda Brio uses a 1.2 Liter i-VTEC engine with a maximum power of 90 PS / 6,000rpm and torque of 110Nm / 4,800rpm. Two transmissions are offered, namely 5 speed manual and automatic. The engine performance is confirmed to be comfortable and responsive to use in cities and in regional areas.

Honda Brio also offers fuel economy. With the CVT transmission, Honda Brio fuel consumption is recorded at 16.9 Km / L with an average speed of 22Km / hour in the city. Meanwhile, for outside the city, the Honda Brio fuel consumption reaches 22.6 km / l with an average speed of 90 km / hour.


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