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Our house deserves the best, doesn't it? But when it comes time to buy the doors and windows, we end up falling for the classic wooden door. How about daring a little and investing in Urban & Grey Bespoke Aluminium Glazing? In this post we will list five good reasons for you to consider this idea with more affection. Check out!

Beauty at a fair price

“Better” does not always mean “more expensive”, we have the idea that everything that is very beautiful or high quality must be expensive, but that is where we are wrong. Wooden doors and windows tend to be more expensive than aluminum ones.

Aluminum doors and windows, for example, are now present in constructions of the most different styles. This is because this metal offers an excellent cost-benefit ratio for those who choose it, proving to be superior to wood in this sense.

During the entire process of building or renovating a house, we always try to choose the best materials, and we divide this choice into at least 2 issues: beauty and safety.

Beauty is important, because normally building a house is nothing more than the realization of a dream, but safety is also of utmost importance.

Aluminum doors and windows have the perfect combination of beauty and security.

Resistant material

Aluminum is a resistant material with great durability, especially when it comes to the action of agents such as sea air, rain and sunlight, it prevents the material from rotting or rusting. that is, it has maintenance that does not require much work, just cleaning to keep it looking like new.

Practical maintenance for doors and windows

Don't want to worry about maintenance? So aluminum is the best material choice. Wood, for example, needs to be varnished from time to time to keep it looking new, especially if it's on the outside of the house.

Aluminum, on the other hand, needs nothing more than a simple cleaning with a damp cloth, practical and quick. Even white aluminum parts do not need to be retouched, as the sun, wind, humidity and the salinity of the coast cannot damage this material.

Long-lasting color and quality finish

For production, electrostatic painting is used with a layer of fine powder that adheres to possible surface cavities and anodizing finish, which promotes longevity and protection for the frames.

Better ventilation

Aluminum is light, malleable, recyclable and easy to work with, so your doors and windows can provide high levels of ventilation to environments, providing great energy efficiency.

Valuation of your property

In addition to everything mentioned above, aluminum doors and windows have elegant visual characteristics, they can have a bright color such as white and also matte colors, characteristics that are difficult to reproduce with wood, for example.

Some of them, as in the example, can be combined with glass that greatly value projects and works of houses.


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