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PHP based Framework has been a Pioneer in web development and web designing as far as development efforts are concerned. Developers and designers put in a great amount of efforts in vertically at something that is of value to users and can help them solve the real time problems of the day. one such Framework caught our attention and that cakePHP. This Framework has been recently launched and updated to help developers and designers create awesome web applications and to contribute to the web of tomorrow.

In this article we will have a look at the main reasons why cakePHP is beneficial to be used over other frameworks

MVC Pattern


One of the main reasons that CakePHP needs to be used over other frameworks is because of its support for model view controller architecture. As we all know,  MVC is one of the most appreciated and applauded architecture patterns that is in use today by many different frameworks and software based companies.

MVC promises to provide the development support for the web applications designed to solve the problems of tomorrow. Therefore it goes without saying that this is one of the most beneficial architectural patterns that is put to use today. with cake PHP supporting this architecture pattern, web developers and designers can easily create code and manage it swiftly and easily.

Code Reusability

Cake PHP encourages and promotes code reusability thereby enabling developers and designers to create awesome content and code using this framework. Because of code reusability the amount of effort put by the developers and designers and lesser in nature. 

Developers and designers can reuse the code that they return for earlier applications and thereby contribute to the efficiency of the code pretty easily. There are numerous functions that are supported by cakephp right out of the box, and this enables developers to minimise their efforts.

No Configuration needed

The most easiest configuration of all is offered by CakePHP and because of this nature it is extremely easy to set up and use CakePHP. Developers and designers can get started by just installing the software and directly putting it to use for development and designing efforts.

This provides and saves valuable time and efforts on the developers front as they can directly get used to coding the applications and providing them with features and functions.

Open Source

CakePHP is open source in nature, as this means that there are more expensive licences or expensive subscriptions to be paid by the developers and designers in order to use the software. 

This enables developers and designers to directly use the software as his without having to enquiry cost related to the software development. companies and organisations can use their efforts into creating valuable applications that contribute to the web development of tomorrow.

Easy Code Testing


CakePHP enables developers and designers to perform easy and rigorous testing for their applications and software designed using click PHP. This framework is indeed a better option for testers as it is tester friendly in nature. developers and designers can test their applications easily and efficiently and process can be started in parallel with the development efforts thereby enabling developers to save on important time and resources stop minimising the cost required for developing the software

Built-in Libraries

There are many built in libraries and plugins that support web development and web designing using cake PHP. Because of this it becomes easy for cakePHP, to support functions and features right out of the box enabling the developers to directly use this features and functions into their software. Built-in libraries means that there is no need for developers to put in extra efforts in coding even the most basic functions and features for web applications and sites.

Secure and Reliable

CakePHP is secure and reliable software when it comes to designing and developing applications for the web of tomorrow. These applications are secure and reliable and not only robust in providing value to your use of but also handling huge amounts of traffic on the web. cake PHP proves to be a valuable piece of work when it comes to developing web applications and websites that run on this software.

Large active Community

CakePHP provides a large and active community that is ever ready to help budding and expanding developers to co-efficient applications and to provide value to users. Because of this nature it becomes extremely easy on the path of developers to get knowledge and value from other experienced developers present in this community. Developers can ask questions on forums and get their answer instantly that helps them in coding applications easily and efficiently.

Easy to learn

CakePHP is easy to learn and use Framework that even novice and experienced developers can easily use the framework and master it within a span of a few days to create awesome applications using this particular framework. 


We gave you the main reasons for many companies and organisations to use CakePHP to develop projects and web applications using this framework.


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