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When your smartphone gets damaged and you are confused if you should look into an official smartphone repair service center or go with the local repairman shop in your area. You are not the first person or going to be the last one to face such a dilemma. It's easier to get your phone repaired from the official service center when it is within the warranty period. But it's an entirely different situation that you end up facing when the warranty period ends and you have to pay the repairing bills from your pocket. Authorized phone repair service can be a tad bit expensive for someone with a normal salary.

But in this case, you are left with one alternative to choose the third-party local repairman. Usually, it's not a smart choice unless that person is an expert and has years of experience in this field. Still, we advise you to choose a certified smartphone repair service, and here are the reasons why you should do that?


Well-Trained and Experienced Staff:-

When you are handing over your phone to a certified repair service center. It's like you can finally relax since you are confident enough about them to fix your problem to the top of their ability without any glitches. The reason behind your confidence is because every single technician is well-trained and has years of experience; only the best staff is hired by the certificated company to repair the phone.

Usually, such certified places train their staff to be knowledgeable about every brand of smartphone and educate them about it, and after accumulating years of experience on how the phones work and about every single body part of the phone. It's not hard to say they will repair the damage within a few hours.

From time to time to learn about new technology and to get acquainted with it. Companies hold seminars and give them training based on the latest technology. It only helps the technician to sharpen their skills and polish their old techniques. Resulting in the technician starting to provide both the company and clients with better output.

The market price of these authorized mobile repair service centers might be a little competitive. Everything put aside you are always at ease that the best technician is working on your phone and your expensive gadget is in their capable hands.


Original Replaced Spare Parts

 Over there you are not only getting reassured with the promise of getting an expert staff of technicians working on your gadget. One thing we can undoubtedly guarantee is that these certified phone repair service shops only use original spare parts to replace the old damaged parts of your phone. Unlike uncertified places that use unreliable fake parts for replacement, they buy them from some wholesale supplier who sells fake products to make repair costs cheap.

Certified places have direct contact with the phone manufacturing company and that's where they make their purchase for spare parts to replace your phone's damaged parts. From the cracked screen to the wrecked old battery and the rest of the tiny parts of the phones. It doesn't matter what you want them to fix. You only get the best quality top-notch spare parts to be used in your phone. After the repair, your phone will be good as new just like the time when you bought it and took it out of the box.


Top-Notch Quality Tools & Machines

Third-party local repairmen work with minimum tools, forget about them having high-quality machines to give the customers perfect finish to the gadget. Smartphones are delicate objects that need to be handled with care otherwise they end up getting further damaged.

To stop that from happening you should always go with the authorized repair shop. Who provides their technician with the right tools and machines so with their experience and high-quality tools will result in a better-finished product as in your phone.


Repair Service Warranty

Where the local repairman never gives you any warranty. Once the phone leaves their shop they are not responsible if your phone's new screen starts getting cracked the next day. Because they already know using fake unreliable spare parts in a phone is not worth giving guarantee over otherwise they go bankrupt in a few months.

This won't be the same case with the official certified smartphone repair service. They always have faith in their service, the best team of technicians working for them, and are provided with the required tools and machines on top of all that they are only using original spare parts. This doesn't leave anything to be questioned after the phone repair is complete. 

That's why they mostly give their clients a three to six months warranty on the repaired parts. If your phone starts acting funny within that period they will take care of it without asking you for a single penny.


Time and Money Saver

When you pay a visit to the third-party repair shop they end up asking you for a day or two to repair the damage. Most of the time they fail to deliver the phone on time leaving you frustrated and not to mention the multiple visits that have to pay to get your phone. Wasting your precious time that you could never get back that you can use to do other important stuff in your life. Even the smartphone brand's official service centers are unable to serve you on time.

But if you go with an officially authorized repair service. You don't even have to leave the house to drop the phone, just book service, explain to them about the damage and phone model and brand and they will quote the price for it.

After you accept their offer they will send someone to your location to pick up the phone and then the phone is brought to their labs where the expert technician starts working on it right away and repairs the phone in a couple of hours.

 The repair time is based on how severe the damage is. Most probably the phone will be returned to you in the next 24 hours after the repair. As we already mentioned it will not only save your time but money also and all of this is enough for someone to be stress-free.

Final Verdict:- If you are still in the dark about a good certified online mobile repair service center. Well, we know just the place for you Quickmobile, an online certified phone repair service provider. Who repair phones for competitive prices, have a well-trained technician team working for them. Also, they got all the required tools and machines for the repair and you only get to see them working with the best quality spare parts in the repair. Instead of getting your phone repaired if you would like to sell old phones on their site, the process will be quite similar and you will have the best market price at the end of the bargain.



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