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With the introduction of Swift, Apple has broken the path and paved the way towards a better and brighter future for developers. Apple has long relied on objective C for developing apps that run on the Apple ecosystem and platform. Even though as objective C was a reliable language there word from shortcomings in the design of the language that let developers to create unmanageable code and lead to huge complexities when creating applications

 with the introduction of Swift Apple has proved to be beating the shortcomings and overcoming them providing developers the new way to code applications for the Apple ecosystem

 Here are our top reasons to choose just for the iOS app development

Open source technology

If you are looking for a great open source Technology that allows you to develop apps for the Apple ecosystem Then look no further. Swift provides you with all the abilities and capabilities that you need in order to develop apps for the Apple ecosystem. The features and functions that are offered by Swift are far superior and greater to what you use to get in objective C. 

As officially announced by Apple, objective C has been replaced by Swift, due to its unique abilities and features that it provides to developers. development has never been made easy with Such An Introduction by Swift, developers can develop on features like robustness, reliability, security and many more.

Great Community

Apple communities have been going great day by day. If you are an Aspiring developer who wants to take advantage of such a community then you can register yourself in the community forums and post questions related to development in the forums. 

Such questions are easily answered by communities and the developers questions are resolved within a scan of two to 24 hours. This community has long helped Aspiring developers and designers to do optimal coding for applications and provide value to users. 


Built for the apple ecosystem

Swift has been built from the ground up to serve developers and designers design complex apps that have huge performance as compared to apps designed using objective C. Initially objective C was used for the Apple ecosystem, and recently Apple has developed Swift to be used for the Apple ecosystem and as deprecated objective C from its platform of apps.

Great replacement for Objective C

Swift is more source and safe compared to objective C and is a great replacement for the lone language that Apple has been using over the years. With features that are safe and security efficiency, ease of creating code, reusability, exhaustive libraries out of the box features and functions, Swift makes for a great language replacement for objective C, that'll help developers and designers create efficient and effective code easily.

Do more in Less coding

Because all the features and functions that swift has to offer, it becomes easy for developers and designers to create code that runs on the Apple ecosystem pretty efficiently and easily. developers are able to do more in less time and hence increased productivity when developing apps for the Apple ecosystem. 

This leads to an increase in developer productivity, that helps the company use less time for marketing apps to users. With the creating efficient code it becomes pretty easy when using Swift on the developer front to manage and to do quality work when it comes to developing apps for the Apple ecosystem.

Robust and responsive apps

Compared to objective C, Swift provides developers and designers with an efficient and easy way to create robust and responsive apps without putting much effort into coding. The apps that are designed using Swift for the iOS environments are not only robust and responsive, but provide high performance applications as well. Because of this nature Apple has been able to create a more power efficient, memory efficient, highly responsive platform for iOS.

Safe and secure for users

The apps are designed using swift and have the highest standards of safety and security that is provided to users of iOS devices. Because of this nature Apple has been able to provide the fool proof platform that is secure from hacking or unauthorised intrusions, trust providing a safe platform for users to run their apps on. 

Apple has been known to provide the highest levels of safety and security to users and with the introduction of Swift, the bar has been increased even higher

Easy Maintenance


When it comes to maintaining swift apps, it becomes easy for developers and designers, to create and provide new functions and features to apps pretty easily and efficiently. Maintenance is not a difficult task any dustbin made even easier with the introduction of Swift which supports different kinds of maintenance activities easily and efficiently. Developers and designers do not have to worry about performing Complex maintenance tasks application data design using swift.


So you see it because of the body reasons it becomes tempting for developers to to use swift for iOS app development. 


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