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The city of lakes does not need any kind of introduction due to its popularity as one of the most beautiful tourist places across the world. This thing attracts many people including celebrities and big business tycoons to plan their wedding at Udaipur. It is one of the major places that people consider their wedding in India. Udaipur is a well-developed city providing all the facilities to guests they require without hampering the beautiful nature and charm of the old heritage city.Selecting Udaipur as compared to other places in Rajasthan–The scenic locations across Udaipur will make your wedding memorable. It’s covered with Aravalli ranges which make you feel like you are at some hill station and some beautiful lakes like Pichola and Fatehsagar.-There are many forts and palaces to plan your wedding including Jagmandir Island Palace, which is loved by many couples for their weddings. To manage all this hassle and ease your work, you will require the best wedding planner in Udaipur.-Other than forts and places there are many hotels built to resemble forts keeping Rajasthan culture in mind which offer world-class services for guests. If you want to select a perfect location and want to have a wonderful experience then an experienced and top wedding planner in Udaipur can help you like KP Events.Some of the most loved locations-1. Jagmandir Island Palace-A wedding at Jagmandir Island Palace is a dream for many. KP Events, the top destination wedding planner in Udaipur, can make your dream come true. It’s located in the middle of the water which attracts many.2. Zenana Mahal-The Zenana Mahal was a palace that now hosts big fat weddings and events. It is located near to the city palace. It is best known for experiencing the Rajasthani culture and historic luxury.3. The Oberoi Udaivilas-Other than historical places, there is a number of venues that are built to give you the feel and essence of Rajasthan culture along with luxury. Udaivilas is located on the coast of Pichola and known for its architecture, greenery, decorations, and mesmerizing view.4. Aurika- By Lemon Tree-Lemon Tree by Aurika is one of the largest hotel chains. It is known for its scenic views and heartwarming facilities like open to sky washroom and courtyard balconies.


India being a diverse country have different cultures, religion, and tradition from place to place. Weddings in India are also specific to a location and their tradition. Gujarati weddings itself is a festival for people and goes often for a few days.Gujarati wedding is divided into 3 days generally.a) Pre-Wedding Ritualsb) Wedding day Ritualsc) Post-Wedding Rituals1) Pre-Wedding Rituals:a) Sagai- Sagai, also called engagement is the first ritual between two families where bride and groom exchange rings in presence of their parents and take blessings.b) Mandap Mahurat – This is nothing but the puja of Lord Ganesha performed by a pandit to ensure a smooth and peaceful wedding along with all the family members.c) Griha Shanti – This is another ritual that is performed on many events. This is done to please the stars and heavenly bodies.d) Pithi – Pithi is also called “Haldi rasam” in some parts of the country. In this, a paste of turmeric, sandalwood, and saffron is applied to the skin of the couple. It is supposed to give your skin a nice glow.e) Mehendi – Mehendi is nothing different as this ritual is part of almost every Indian wedding. In this ritual, Mehendi is applied to the hands and feet of the bride. At some weddings, Mehendi has applied to the groom also.f) Garba – This is the tradition, Gujaratis are known for and it is the most fun wedding tradition for Gujaratis. It’s their folk dance and special sticks are used where you beat this stick along with the music.2) Wedding Day Rituals:a) Jaimala – In this ceremony, the couple exchange garlands are known as Jaimala. Groom’s friends and relatives lift the groom high up so that bride cannot reach him. This thing symbolizes that even after marriage the bride cannot steal the groom away from his friends and relatives.b) Madhuparka – This ritual is performed by the bride’s mother with the groom where he is given a drink of milk and honey and his feet are washed as he is welcomed to the mandap.c) Kanya Daan – Kanya Daan is an emotional and important ritual during the wedding. In this the bride’s father gives the groom his daughter’s handd) Hasta Milap – In this ritual, the bride’s saree is tied with the groom’s scarf meaning the merging of two souls.e) Satpadi or Pheras – This is the most significant ritual in any Indian wedding. The couple completes seven rounds or “pheras” of sacred fire-making seven promises to each other. After this ritual, the couple is officially wed.f) Saubhagyavati bhav – In this ritual, the bride takes blessings from seven married women from her side in her ear.3) Post- Wedding Rituals:a) Vidaai – Vidaai is a tearful ritual where the bride leaves her parental home for her groom’s home. It is usually held after pheras.b) Ghaar nu Laxmi – The bride is welcomed at her groom’s home considering her as goddess Laxmi . A pot filled with rice is kept on the doorstep where the bride has to spill the rice by her foot. After this, she walks into her new home.c) Aeki Beki – This is a fun activity, where the bride and groom play traditional games. Whoever wins this game is said will rule the household.


A wedding is one of the most important and memorable days in someone’s life. And we can guarantee you that planning your wedding in one of the Palaces or Hotels will be the best decision for your wedding. Along with the couple, it will be a memorable moment for the guests also. Planning with Royal Wedding Planner in Udaipur like KP Events & Entertainments will be the cherry on the cake. Udaipur is one of the hot wedding destinations for the Gujaratis these days. The majestic and luxurious ambiance of the venues along with the services of the best wedding planner in Udaipur will make you go wow. Here are some of the reasons why Gujarati couple should host their wedding in Udaipur: Connectivity

– Connectivity is never an issue for Udaipur as it’s well connected with all the international airports of India and is close to Gujarat by road. There is a number of modes of transportation for Gujarat at any point in time. So you don’t need to worry about connectivity.Similar Culture –It may not seem similar but Rajasthan and Gujarat have many things similar in culture from language, food, traditional wear.Sightseeing in Udaipur –A pre-wedding photoshoot is a very common trend in today’s time.In Udaipur, you don’t need to worry about locations for your pre-wedding shoots. Other than your pre-wedding shoot, your guests will also love exploring Udaipur and will have a good time.

I think this blog helped you if you were confused about your wedding destination at Udaipur. So it's time to plan your destination wedding in Udaipur with a Top Wedding Planner in Udaipur.

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