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Reasons Why Cats Meow a Lot

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There are many possible reasons why your cat could be meowing or crying a lot. The following are some of them:


  • Your cat is seeking attention.

Your cat may be feeling neglected or bored. This can happen when you are busy or preoccupied and don’t have time to play with her.

  • Your cat is in pain or injured.

If your cat has some form of injury and is in pain, she may suddenly cry or yowl for no reason. Observe and take note of any pattern. Set an appointment with your veterinarian to check for any problem that is causing the behavior.

  • Your cat is stressed.

If there is a change in your cat’s routine, such as an added family member, a significant life change, or if you have moved to a new place, these are all possible reasons to cause your cat to feel stressed.

  • Your cat is hungry.

Meowing or crying might be your cat’s way to beg for food or treats, especially if she knows it’s not mealtime yet.

  • Your cat is in heat.

They communicate with other cats, particularly at night during mating season.


Your veterinarians Seminole, FL is a valuable resource regarding issues affecting your pet’s health and behavior.


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