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Reasons Why Marketing Is Shifting To Digital Marketing – and You Should Too

Over the past few years, marketing has been changing. Every customer, businessperson, and marketer can attest to that. A swift movement towards digitizing the activity is being observed through the rise of digital marketing.

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Digital marketing can give a customer a window into your business and develop a relationship based on shared values and goals.

  1. Digital Marketing Gives your Business Direct Access to Customer Data

Just as digital marketing gives your customer a peek into your company, it also gives your business a detailed view of your customer – their interests, browsing and purchase habits, their most liked products, repurchase behavior, and more.

Data, if used well, can be your company's biggest asset – not just in developing customized and targeted marketing, but also in growing your company and developing new products.

Several digital marketing agencies already possess and analyze this customer data to provide better services to their clients.

2. Not satisfied with your company's digital marketing campaign? Just change it.

A major advantage of digital marketing is its flexible nature. When creating digital marketing ad copies, you can test out multiple campaigns at once, analyze their performance, and make the necessary changes. This also gives you a great opportunity to practically implement and try out your learnings on digital marketing without any large expenses.

This is in contrast to most traditional marketing tools that are expensive, difficult to change, and do not have much scope for a learning curve.

In addition to this, if you are dissatisfied with a campaign, you can immediately stop it and go back to the drawing board to not waste any additional funds on a campaign that you feel needs improvement. If something isn't working, you can easily let go and move on.

3. Creativity & Digital Marketing are the Perfect Match for any Business.

Several small scale businesses around the world became popular, some even gaining the Unicorn Start-Up status due to their creative digital marketing strategies.

The magic of their social media marketing was such that they were able to create a unique voice and brand identity for themselves to establish their rightful place in the market. This has been seen for brands across industries – from entertainment to politics, from cosmetics to fashion and lifestyle.

Having an understanding of digital marketing allows you to contribute to your company's strategy in a way that no one else can because you're the one who knows it best. 

4. Customized Ads are the Key to the Future

Targeted communication is said to be the key to the future. For every demographic, every locality, and different types of interests, unique marketing communication can be developed.

For example, a recent campaign by Apple honored former Indian President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam by asking young children to chase their dreams and ‘fly.' The campaign was a digital marketing communication created especially for their Indian customer base.

Not only this, many automated tools make the process of customization easier. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram allow you to create dynamic ads. These ads will automatically pick up images and links from your website and display to a customer based on their browsing history and interests. 

The importance of customization is such that statistics from CMO Adobe show that personalized communication can deliver six times higher transaction rates, but as many as 70% of brands fail to use it.

5. Digital Marketing Allows You to Control Word of Mouth and Get a Head Start

Viral marketing, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing are some of the most commonly used digital marketing tools. Over the past few years, businesses are developing strategic relationships with content creators, public figures for the promotion of their product or service.

The effect of this is what any brand ambassador may have, but allows for greater visibility customization, relatability as well as brand building.

Through a well-developed affiliate network, any company can create a buzz around their product, promote sales as well as control the information available to consumers in the public domain. This is powerful, especially as today's millennial customer aims to be well informed before making any purchasing decision.

Through the above points, it is easy to understand the vast benefits that digital marketing offers – no matter the industry a business is in or the scale of the business. As it evolves and collaborates with other technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), digital marketing may bring more new marketing trends, and it is in the best interests of your business to incorporate them in your own unique way. So, take training on digital marketing courses in Bangalore and get to know the new digital marketing trends

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