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Reasons Why My iPhone Isn’t Receiving Text Messages From Android?

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The first thing to check when your iPhone is not receiving texts from your Android phone is the messaging app. If you are unable to receive any text messages from your phone, try switching off iMessage and viewing your message delivery settings. Also, make sure that you are not sharing your Apple ID with any other device. If you are using a SIM card, try clearing the data on that phone and setting it up on a new iPhone.

Best Reasons so that your iPhone not Receiving Text Messages From Android 

Check the Setting of Cellular Network:- Another reason why your iPhone isn't receiving texts from an Android phone is because the recipient has set their text message recipient to “unsubscribe” from your cellular network. This feature has been available for some time and has not caused any issues for other users. This bug occurs when you are chatting with someone who has an Android phone and they do not use your iPhone. When this happens, the messages won't show up in the Messages app on your iPhone.

Phone isn't Compatible with the Android Messaging Service:- This problem is caused by Google's RCS messaging service, which is part of the Android ecosystem. Disabling this feature will ensure a seamless transition to iOS. Then, you can receive text messages from your new phone. But the only way to be sure that your iPhone is receiving texts from your mobile number is to switch back to your old phone and enable the messaging application.

Due to Network Problems:-  This may be caused by a weak or unstable network signal. Usually, you can see the status bar display that your iPhone is not receiving any texts from your android phone. In addition, you can check whether you have a strong enough network signal. Moreover, make sure you check the status bar for any network service indicators.

Check the Option Receive or Send Message:-  iMessage is a universal messaging program that can cause your iPhone to stop receiving texts from other devices. If you're using an Android device, you must make sure the “Send as SMS” option is enabled on both devices. You can do this by going to Settings > Messages. You can also check the settings of your carrier. If you're using a prepaid device, you should check the settings in your iPhone to ensure that it's not deleting any network-related settings.

Check  the Settings of MMS Messaging:-  If your iphone cant receive texts from android, you need to make sure that you have turned on MMS messaging. If you're not receiving texts from your Android device, check the contact info to make sure you're sending to the correct number. You can also reset your phone if you're unable to receive a text message. If your iPhone is not receiving text messages from your mobile device, try restarting it to fix the problem.



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