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An improved charging handle for CZ TS 2 may be more important to some people than others, but it is more critical for specific applications. Many owners enjoy upgrading their firearms, and the charging handle is one of the simplest and least expensive upgrades you can make. 

A good charging handle can improve the aesthetics of your firearm, make it easier to grip and operate the weapon, and increase the user's proficiency. Below are some reasons you might need a charging handle upgrade. 

Change the Look of Your Gun

One of the most common reasons for purchasing a new charging handle for CZ TS 2 is to improve the appearance of your gun. Charging handles are available in various colors, styles, and finishes.

While much of the handle is hidden, some of it is visible. Choose a brighter-colored charging handle to add some contrast. Alternatively, you can go all-black to match the appearance of your other gun's components. Consider the look you want your weapon to have, and buy accordingly.

Make the Gun Ambidextrous 

Left-handed shooters are frequently overlooked, as only a few guns are designed specifically for lefties. The charging handle latch can only be operated comfortably when the weapon is held in the right-handed grip. 

Lefties must strain their hands and press the latch unnaturally. However, replacing your charging handle with an ambidextrous one is a simple and low-cost solution. This makes handling simple, regardless of the gun held or the hand used to pull the handle.

Enhance Firing Performance

Charging handles directly impact the gun's performance and shot consistency. Some have different coatings and finishes that allow for smoother movement. This can help prevent jams and misfires while also ensuring consistency when shooting a large number of rounds. If you get a jam or misfire, using a charging handle for CZ TS 2 is much easier than manually operating it.

Improved Grip

To fire rounds, you must manipulate the charging handles with your hands. As a result, they must 

be easy to grip in various conditions. Some simple charging handles are smooth, while others have ridges or serrations. 

These provide additional grip, useful when shooting with gloves, as slipping hands are common. It's also helpful if you're using the gun in hot or humid weather, where you might get sweaty hands. The deeper the serrations on the handle, the easier gripping.

Using a charging handle for CZ TS 2 is one of the most cost-effective and simple upgrades. A charging handle makes a firearm more user-friendly, improves grip, and makes a rifle ambidextrous. However, it can help the user be more efficient when loading, unloading or charging the firearm. The market is vast, with numerous companies offering something for everyone.



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