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A damaged sewer line can be a homeowner's worst nightmare, and no one wants to deal with it. You will experience unending tension for various causes, including sewer stench, clogged drains, mouse infestation, and others. The largest obstacle is identifying the problem, yet every problem has a remedy, and this one will also pass with prompt diagnosis. Too many concerns to handle? To assist you in solving the issue, plumbers have listed some telltale signs of a broken sewer, and you need to take help from a video camera sewer inspection Alberta:

Blocked sewage pipe

A blocked sewage pipe is a common indicator of a damaged sewer pipe. This symptom is even more obvious when your sink or toilet clogs frequently, allowing soil and tree roots to enter the line.

When tree roots enter a sewer pipe and are exposed to nutrients and water, they develop rapidly and block the sewer line, causing a hard clog. The most typical of these symptoms needs immediate care.

Foundation Cracks, Settlement, And Sinkholes

Sinkholes, foundation settlement pops, and foundation slab fractures are some of the most severe signs of a failing sewage line. The specialists think that a void in the yard or foundation is typically caused by a mainline leak that goes unattended, resulting in persistent cracks in significant portions of your building.

The Gas Sewer Smell

If you detect a sewage stench, there is a good likelihood that your sanitary line has a crack or opening that points to a sewer system crack. Ensure that airtight hygienic sewers are installed throughout your home, leaving room for sewage to collect in the vent stacks on your roof to avoid running into a situation like this.

Lush Patches In The Lawn Grass

If you notice a lush grass area in your lawn, there is undoubtedly an underground sewage leak, and you must remedy it immediately. Its extra-green look is especially due to the mainline leakage that occurs and reaches the nearby soil, providing grass with an overabundance of nutrients.

Building Cracks

A building's crack, which indicates that your home's sewage pipes are leaking, is one thing you should never ignore. This issue could worsen and result in foundation fractures or even earth shifting. Contact a plumber immediately if you notice any new dents in your walls so that you can take care of the problem before it worsens.

Pest Invasion

Are you seeing an increase in bugs, rodents, or insects in your home, such as sewer flies, cockroaches, and ants? It may indicate a sewer line break. This issue may be dangerous since it can lead to horrifying allergic reactions and severe asthma symptoms, especially in young children.

Slow Drain

Even after several tries to empty the line and while you see your bathtub, sink, or toilet draining more slowly than usual, a sewage backlog may have been produced. The experts advise avoiding chemical drain cleaners if you have been having a sewage backlog, as they typically sit in the pipes and eat away at the PVC and cast iron.


If any of the symptoms mentioned above apply to you, it's important to schedule a video camera sewer inspection in Alberta. The most significant move you can do is to contact experts, especially if you want to prevent serious structural damage.



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