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Denis Villeneuve has made some alteration to the books, and this time around Lady Jessica will have much more importance.

As Ferguson, herself must have demanded, but now it is confirmed that Lady Jessica is a much more important character in the upcoming Christmas tentpole.

She adds a different dimension with her role as Ilsa Faust in Tom Cruise starrer Mission Impossible franchise, and now it will be interesting to see what she will bring to the audience as Lady Jessica. In the book written by Frank Helbert, Ferguson’s character Lady Jessica is a mother to the hero of the story Paul Atreides (the character which will be played by Timothee Chalamet on screen).

Lady Jessica had no significant importance in the books other than being a stereotypical mother, but Villeneuve has expanded the role of utilizing more acting skills of Rebecca Ferguson.

Villeneuve expounded his idea about Lady Jessica in a statement that he made to the Empire Magazine that expansion of the role was necessary to bring forward the balance between the powers of men and women, something which is an intrinsic characteristic of the book.

He has expanded the role and emphasized on her being a warrior and a trainer as much as her being a mother. She is a part of a group called Bene Gesserit and possesses supernatural abilities such as telekinesis.

Villeneuve diligently worked with the screenwriters of the film Eric Roth and Jon Spaihts to create a more powerful Lady Jessica.

Ferguson lauded Villeneuve’s efforts for Lady Jessica, and even though he has a lot of respect for the author, Villeneuve decided to make some alteration considering the socio-political climate.

Ferguson will play the role of Lady Jessica and will spend a lot of time alongside actor Oscar Isaac who will play the role of Duke Leto.

Isaac recently made a statement to the Empire in which he confessed his love for the project which stemmed not from Villeneuve’s vision but because of anti-monopolistic and ecologist sentiments.

Isaac further added that the story is about when different cultures tyrannize others, and when the people are so pushed against the wall that they have no other option but to fight back harder than ever. There is so much we can correlate with the story seeing our present world in front of our eyes.

“It’s about the destiny of the people,” Isaac said.

Dune is a big Christmas tentpole, and it will be released by Warner Bros on December the 18th, 2020.

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