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Reborn 50 to make a living

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As for you? Before you grow up, before you don't want to leave, your sister's home and I will always be your home, your sister will always be your sister, this will not change at any time, not only that, you can also have more brother-in-law, why don't you agree with such a good thing? 。 He really can't figure out what the children are thinking about nowadays? How can my brother, who used to be well-behaved, be so out of tune now? Without waiting for Fang Jingcheng to finish his surprise, Maomao, who was buried in tears, suddenly raised his head with a look of disbelief on his face and doubts in his mouth. You mean, even if you and my sister are married, I can continue to live with you? 。“ What do you think? Oh, as much as your sister values you, if we don't discuss this first, do you think your sister will nod and agree to date with me? Isn't that a joke? Hearing what Fang Jingcheng said, Maomao's face changed in an instant. Poor Fang Jingcheng looked helplessly at Maomao with a smile on his face and a dreamy giggle on his face for two seconds. Then he hurriedly recovered his look and tried to suppress the ecstasy in his heart. Then he said in a magnanimous tone: “Well, if that's the case, then I'll reluctantly agree. You can get married.” 。 Yes, as Xiao Cheng said just now, even without Fang Jingcheng, he could not guarantee that there would be no Zhang Jingcheng or Wang Jingcheng in the future. Instead of letting her sister marry a stranger who doesn't know her roots, she might as well choose the little brother in front of her. Think through this,fish measuring tape, sure to know that even if the elder sister married will not abandon their own, Maomao heart of the big stone finally fell, finally smiled through tears. Maomao smiled, but Fang Jingcheng, who suddenly woke up, smiled bitterly. He did not have the good spirit to nod the forehead of the hair, but in the heart is scolding oneself, this is all what matter! Emotional prospective brother-in-law has been making trouble for most of the day. He has suffered so much. He has been beaten up, offended his brother-in-law,Diameter tape measure, and almost lost his prospective wife. It turns out that he blamed himself for not making things clear to his brother-in-law in advance, which made the little guy different! Really, what should he say? With an angry and funny sigh and shaking his head, Fang Jingcheng stretched out his hand to Maomao, “OK, are you happy now?”? Comrade Li Guanglin, can we go downstairs now? If you don't go, your sister will be looking for us crazily. 。 To the heart of Maomao hand let Fang Jingcheng pull up, embarrassed Hei Hei smiled, followed Fang Jingcheng walked two steps, saw to the stairway, Maomao suddenly stopped again. Fang Jingcheng was really frightened by this surprised brother-in-law. What's wrong with this? Tired Fang Jingcheng's tone was full of uneasiness. “You?”? What else is there? 。 Maomao stared at Fang Jingcheng in a twinkling of an eye, his eyes burning, “Brother Xiaocheng, do you really want to marry my sister and live with her for a lifetime?” 。 Fang Jingcheng said, isn't this nonsense? With a solemn nod on his face, “of course.” 。 Maomao then nodded, Surveyors tape measure ,Adhesive fish ruler, “Well, that little brother Cheng, you give me a poison oath.” 。 Fang Jingcheng raised his eyebrows and looked at the serious brother-in-law in front of him. He didn't think much about it. He simply bent his three fingers in the middle and swore, “I, Fang Jingcheng, swear here today that I will love Li Mi all my life, care about her, protect her, be consistent with her, never abandon her, and stand together through thick and thin. If I break this oath, I will be struck by thunder and will not end well!” 。 Seeing that Fang Jingcheng was so solemn and forceful, Maomao nodded with satisfaction, “Well, brother Xiaocheng, I believe you, but I also warn you that swearing is not enough. If one day I break my oath, or it's not good for my sister, then even if I risk my life and chase you to the ends of the earth, I won't let you go!” 。 Looking at the serious appearance of his brother-in-law in front of him, Fang Jingcheng knew that he would not let him clean up the day, but still nodded, “Well, I welcome you to supervise me for a lifetime.” 。 Fang Jingcheng looked at the brother-in-law who had finally changed back to the original clever younger brother and breathed a sigh of relief. Thinking about all the problems at the moment, I resumed my relationship with my brother-in-law. I thought I could marry a wife with peace of mind. The result was good. Well, as soon as I got back to the ward, I was caught by my sweetheart who loved and loved me from the bottom of my heart. Faced with his wife's questioning, he was wronged! Looked up at the side of the brother-in-law, secretly gave him a wink, ready to let the guy who caused the accident to save himself from fire and water, but unfortunately, ah, do not know whether the unfortunate child is intentional. Fang Jingcheng watched helplessly as his brother-in-law acted like a spoiled child, holding up his blue and purple pig's feet, ah no, it was his left hand, jumping up to his wife's adult and shouting that his hand hurt. Then I saw my wife's adult immediately softhearted, concerned to lead the unlucky brother-in-law to the nurse station, looking for a nurse to re-disinfect the needle, not even an eye wind left to themselves. When he wanted to follow up sadly, his wife turned around and stared at him and asked him to go to the hospital bed to carry the saline medicine to follow up. So, what else can Fang Jingcheng do? I can only rub my injured face and honestly listen to my wife's will. When all three of them left the ward, the patients and their families in the ward were happy to see the excitement for a long time. They also looked askance and made up for a big play in their mouths. Just now, the two brothers were clearly not right to leave like a cockfight, and now when they came back, although they were all in color, but that look? Feelings, are these two guys playing tricks? Really strange things happen every year, especially today, fun! When the nurse was asked to change the needle and re-insert the needle for Maomao, the three of them returned to the ward and looked at the well-behaved brother-in-law sitting on the hospital bed. Fang Jingcheng took the enamel jar handed over by his wife. Even if he was very hungry, he was not in a hurry to start. Instead, he pressed down his heart and stared at his prospective wife. Such burning eyes, Li Mi is not a fool, how can not see? After checking his brother's condition,Walking measuring wheel, Li Mi looked back at Fang Jingcheng and looked at him in puzzlement, “Why don't you eat?”? After a while, the rice noodles will not taste good. 。 tapemeasure.net


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