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Supposed to be happily adopted by a promising researcher, he was knocked down on the rough concrete floor by a heavy punch in the video, with blood gushing from his mouth. Ormat, who watched the entire video in silence, clenched his fists and burned with anger in his eyes. There are 547 similar videos in total, even including the crime videos of serial murderers'pursuers' who have not been caught for many years. With a wry smile, Tomauchi laughed at himself and said, “I didn't expect to find out the identity of the'pursuer ‘in such a way.” “It's all confidential, Ormat. Please don't say anything.” “I see, Tsukuchi-kun. Thank you.” “So,” Tomauchi sighed, put the computer back on his lap and asked earnestly, “do you think this child will become an enemy?” “Ormat, we're going to do it soon, but the personality and the control of the personality of that child in the video is really terrible. To be honest, I'm not sure.” No need, Tsukuchi-kun. He won't be an enemy. The child is asking for help, don't you see? That's what I thought at first, Ormat. But after watching the video afterwards, I'm a little unsure. Tsukauchi clicked on a video that was only three days apart from the previous recording and turned the computer screen to Ormat. The white-haired child in the video was not hurt at all this time,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, because there was no voice, and his emotions were not as exciting and changeable as those in the first video, which was calmly analyzed, accurately broken, and brutally killed. After the short video was played, Naomasa Tsukauchi took the lead in opening his mouth, “Ormat, in his eyes,Theobromine Powder, there was no conflict.” “That's not true, Tsukuchi-kun.” Ormat was silent for a moment, staring at the white-haired child's wild smile in the video, and said in a deep voice, “He's hoping someone can stop him.” Chapter 9 Awakening “Stop?” Tomauchi repeated, frowning. He turned the computer, turned the screen to himself, and played the video again. Waiting patiently for his friend to finish watching the video, Ormat said to the thoughtful Tomauchi, “Tomauchi, do you understand?” “To stimulate the enemy who is obviously unconscious with words, not to kill him with one blow, but to create wounds that can be healed by treatment but cause intense pain, and to show great weakness at the beginning of the experiment, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Heme Iron Polypeptide, to exert psychological pressure on the enemy that he can never defeat him.” “Tsukauchi-kun, perhaps even the child himself did not realize that he was hoping that the enemy would beg for mercy and that the experiment would be stopped.” “…… I see With a sigh of relief, he closed the computer and looked up at Ormat and said, “Thank you, Ormat. I know what to do next.” Tomauchi Naomasa put on the hat of the same color as the windbreaker, nodded slightly, and said to Ormat, “Then I'll take my leave first, Ormat, please be sure to have a good rest.” He got up, put the computer in his handbag and carried it in his hand. With his unswerving faith in clearing the fog in his heart, he turned and walked towards the door. Wait, Tsukuchi-kun. Tsukauchi Naomasa looked back doubtfully and saw that he did not know when he had taken off his hospital gown and changed into his regular Ormat. Please, can I be involved in this operation? Ormat did not have the usual Lang Shuang smile on his face, but a serious one. Don't be ridiculous, Ormat. Tomauchi frowned, his voice rising slightly, and he refuted Ormat's request without mercy. Tsukouchi-kun, I know this is a difficult request, but.. With an anxious look on his face, Ormat stepped forward quickly, grabbed Tomauchi's arm with one hand, and was interrupted before he had finished speaking a little faster. That's not the problem, “Tsukauchi said, raising his hand to hold Ormat's arm, pulling it down with a slight force, and turning around.” Ormat, your physical condition doesn't allow you to do heroic activities at all. ” “In the attack of the all for one organization, you were injured, even the recovery girl was helpless, half of the respiratory organs were damaged, the whole stomach needed to be removed, and with such a serious injury, you had just saved your life from the operation for a few days before you proposed to carry out heroic activities,” said Tomauchi Naozheng with anger in his eyes that his friend did not cherish his body. “How can I grant your request?” “Thank you, Tsukuchi-kun.” Ormat's ocean-like blue eyes were full of gratitude, but the next second they turned to determination, he said. “But I can't ignore what happened to that child.” Ormat clenched his fist. “It was because of my negligence that he would..” The white-haired child's red eyes flashed through his mind with madness and despair, and Ormat clenched his teeth. Ormat.. Tomauchi's anger disappeared in an instant. He looked at the fearless No.1 hero who always saved people with a smile. At this time, his eyes were full of unwillingness and regret. He was at a loss for a moment. Opening his mouth, Tomauchi took a moment to make a sound. It's not your fault. It's better to say that you've tried your best. It's that I didn't pay more attention when you questioned Chaoliyan. You're not the only one with regrets, Ormat. Tombstone Naozheng pursed his lips, sighed secretly in his heart, and the guilt that had been pressing on his heart came up. ‘If It's Ormat, he can be saved. ‘ Such an idea came out unconsciously and lingered in my mind. “If you promise not to take part in the battle,” Tomauchi heard himself say. Ormat's eyes lit up. Just come. 。 One party woke up in the nutrient solution,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, and through the green liquid, he saw a slightly distorted figure outside the cylindrical glass container under the refraction of light. He stretched out his palm forward and stuck it on the inner wall of the container. With a little effort, the glass container was covered with cobweb-like cracks in an instant. Click. pioneer-biotech.com


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