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The reduced mass calculator makes life easier! It takes the masses of two things in a system and gives you this special reduced mass. This special mass helps simplify the complicated math when dealing with the movement of two things.

What is the Reduced Mass?

The reduced mass is like a special mass that makes it easier to understand how two things move together. It’s super helpful when dealing with the motion of two objects, like planets or particles.

Reduced Mass Formula


Here’s what each part means:

  • M is the reduced mass.
  • m1​ is the mass of the first object.
  • m2​ is the mass of the second object.

How to Use the Formula

  1. Multiply the Masses:
    • Multiply the mass of the first object (m1​) by the mass of the second object (m2​).
  2. Add the Masses:
    • Add the individual masses (m1​+m2​).
  3. Divide:
    • Divide the result from step 1 by the result from step 2.

Example Calculation:

Let’s say m1​=10 and m2​=20.




So, the reduced mass (M) is 6.67.

This formula is useful in physics and engineering to find a simplified mass for a two-object system. It helps in solving problems involving the motion of two masses, making the calculations more manageable.

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