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Refeed vs. Cheat Meals: What’s the Difference?

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Both Refeed meals and Cheat meals are intended to provide benefits that are comparable, however they each work in a different way.


A refeed meal is a deliberate and controlled technique to increase calories, whereas a cheat meal is an impulsive and uncontrolled manner to do so.

We eat refeed meals because…


We eat refeed meals during dieting to increase our metabolism, which falls off dramatically during the cutting phase. Refeeding meals don't make us gain weight because they increase our body's glycogen stores, which helps to pump our muscles more. Refeed meals also assist in enhancing the micronutrients in your body, which are important throughout the dieting stage.



 benefits for diet Adherence.

increases the body's energy.

enables you to have some food freedom.



Must keep an eye on calories.

increase in metabolism.

Why do we eat cheat meals?


During the bulking phase, we eat cheat meals to gain an excess of calories for a better pump and workout. A person will eat cheat meals if they need to add further 300–400 calories to their 3000 maintenance calories. Cheat meals can also be consumed prior to working out important body areas like the back and legs to increase energy and muscle pump.



Increase the body's energy level.

increases the body's leptin levels.

takes your mind off of dieting.




increase body fat levels.

Postpone your diet plans.

Which is superior?


Refeed meals and cheat meals each have their own advantages and disadvantages, but they both aim to build more and more muscles and give the body the energy it needs.


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