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Your fingers automatically settle on the switchboard to turn on the light and fan as soon as you enter your house, even if it is full of luggage and other belongings. It may even be referred to as the entry ritual! The finest feeling ever is when you return home and feel comfortable. Go back in time! As soon as you enter, everything is completely dark. You don't have any way to light up the area or cool down. Would you feel calm? Not, as we have firsthand knowledge of the comfort that power offers. Electrical appliances are now a necessary component of our daily lives. Electrical switches have become modular and serve as the main interface to satiate our appliance needs.

Nobody would have imagined modular switches becoming a statement piece of decor perhaps quite a few years ago. When it comes to interior design trends, people favour minimalism over practicality. A tonne of attractive modular switches are present in the market nowadays, but it's also critical that switches function practically. 

One such line of modular switches is the Legrand Switches, which take pleasure in being versatile, useful, and equipped with a practical design. Convenient? You did read that correctly. Because it can be positioned both vertically and horizontally depending on the available space and your preferences, it is practical.

Legrand stands for Fantastic Design.

India is known for its adoration of colourful patterns. Our CE Approved plates are created using the most recent In-mould Decorating (IMD) technology and are available in a variety of colours and distinctive patterns, and finishes. These contemporary, flat designs will give any space a touch of designer sophistication because of their unequalled consistency in pattern quality and finish. Take your pick from 10 distinct finishes and enjoy the benefit, whether you want a subtle pattern or a bright, striking design that steals the show.

To ensure a superior user experience.

Who inspires us to dream larger at Legrand EShop when we develop something new? Who do our engineers work for when they perform many extra trials? Who drives our artisans to put in extra hours cheerfully?

We put you at the centre of every technological component, data byte, and design decision.

Modern Myrius NextGen products were influenced by the lives people like you lead. Inspired by what grandchildren and grannies appreciate or what children enjoy the most. Inspired by the things that spouses and wives fight for or even adore. The gorgeous Myrius NextGen collection combines inspirations with Legrand's renowned “Designeering” concept.

Hence, the Legrand EShop offers a complete switch solution that combines fashion, utility, simplicity, and safety when considered as a whole. The finest option to satisfy your needs without disrupting your home or its decor. If you want to upgrade your comfort zone or need switches for a newly acquired place, choose Modular Switches from Legrand for an incredible switching experience!

You can buy electrical switches online through the Legrand EShop at great prices and access the price list online. Visit Legrand EShop to know more.


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