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If you are facing lots of bugs or issues with your battery life, then you can leave the beta iOS 14 and go back to iOS 13.

Apple has released iOS 14 and iPad OS 14 for the purpose of preview and beta testing. You can easily download the update and check and preview all the upcoming features that will be released for iPhone and iPad users later this year. However, like most of the beta testing programs, it might have bugs that might cause you to go crazy and make you regret your decision to install the update. But don’t worry, we got you covered. All you need is your device, computer, a USB-C cable, and some time. So, without wasting any more time, let’s go through the steps that you can use to go back to iOS 13.

Here are the steps that you can follow to go back to iOS 13

1. For uninstalling iOS 14/iPadOS 14, you first need to completely format and restore the iOS device. Windows computer users need to make sure they have installed the most recent version of iTunes on their system. Mac users need to ensure that their system OS is up-to-date. To check for any updates, click on the Apple logo located at the topmost section of the screen. After that, click on system preferences and select software update.

2. Next, use a compatible USB-C cable for connecting your iOS device to the computer.

3. Have your iOs device enter the recovery mode using the below-mentioned steps. Once your device enters into recovery mode, its screen will go black, and the device will restart.

  • Those having iPhone 6S (or older) devices, or older iPads with a home button, need to press the sleep or wake button along with the home button until the device enters into recovery mode.
  • iPhone 7, 7 Plus users or iPod touch (7th generation) users have to press and hold the sleep/wake button with the volume-up button until your device enters recovery mode.
  • iPhone 8 or later users must press the volume-up button and follow it up by pressing the volume-down button. After that, they need to press the side button until their device enters recovery mode.
  • If you are iPad Pro users, press the volume-up, followed by the volume-down buttons, and then long press the top button until the device enters the recovery mode.

4. You will see a notification on your desktop that your device in recovery mode has been detected. Next,you will get two options: restore or update.

5. Select the “Restore” option, and your system will download and install iOS 13 on your iPhone or iPad.

6. In case you do not get the prompt on the screen. Open Finder (Mac) or iTunes (Windows) and choose your device. After that, click on the “Restore” option.

7. Next, restore your data from backup. If you have made a backup of your iPhone or iPad before downloading iOS 14 for your device, you will see an option to restore data back to your device. However, if you haven’t created a backup of your data, then you cannot restore your data.

Our View

iOS 13 has lots of great features and stability in it. Therefore, it is nothing wrong with going back to iOS 13 if you are having trouble with the beta version of iOS 14. After all, what’s the benefit of being on iOS 14 if you can’t use your phone or tablet without any problems. Besides this, if you are again tempted to go back to iOS 14, you can always go back to it again by rejoining the beta program. So basically, it all depends upon your requirements and preferences.

Have you joined the beta program of iOS 14, or are you experiencing an issue after installing it on your iPhone or iPad? If you are, then do let us know about your experience and the issues and bugs that you are facing in the comment section below. We would love to hear your experience with the new iOS 14.

Source :- https://kmsoffice.com/blog/regret-installing-the-ios-14-or-ipad-os-14-public-beta-roll-back-to-ios-13/

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