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Did your your beloved pooch decide, for whatever purpose, to pee on your carpet – ouch! New carpet? Double ouch! But inside your dog's defense, he was possibly just marking at as his turf. Not that it makes it any much less smelly.. At any price, when you find yourself in need of a solution to have rid of dog urine smell then this article can help you do just that! Just follow the steps outlined below: Get additional details about how to get dog urine smell out of the carpet

1) When you come across a spot with dog urine though it is nonetheless wet, you need to try to soak up as substantially of it as you can. Use a bunch of paper towels to complete so. If there is a strong smell of dog pee, but you can not appear to find out exactly where the supply of it's, assuming it is an old(er) stain, you could use an ultra violet light within a darkened room to produce dog urine stains visible.

2) Once you've found the spot (and attempted to get rid of as much from the pee as possible if it was nonetheless wet) it is best to clean that spot using a mixture of vinegar and water (some recommend 50/50 mix some go with 1/4vinegar 3/4water) Use as substantially of it as needed. Also look at using a scrubbing brush for superior penetration of carpet fibers. As soon as this really is performed use paper towels to blot it up (you can also use a wet and dry vacuum extractor)

3) Let the spot dry up then sprinkle some baking soda more than it. Subsequent mix 1/2 or 3/4 cups of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide with 1 teaspoon of detergent and pout this mixture over the baking soda. Then use your fingers or perhaps a scrubbing brush to definitely work the soda into the carpet. Let it dry then vacuum the spot.


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