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Rentop – A smart way to rent bike in Bangalore

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Bangalore is a hub for travel fanatics since it’s a beautiful paradise which has transformed into the Silicon Valley of India. It offers captivating locations to explore which can give a mind-blowing experience to visitors. But don’t forget that the city is cursed with everyday traffic congestion. So, a normal visitor can get frustrated when one has to wait longer to reach a specific destination. However, at Rentop, we understand this common problem firmly and provide a solution to visitors. We insist travellers explore this city and its outskirts using two-wheeled bikes. So, if you are planning to travel to this place, you can find a bike on rent in Bangalore to sightsee different locations.

Is renting a bike really worth it?

Of course Yes! Bike renting is one of the premier services you can enjoy for stress-free travel. It works deliberately to add the utmost convenience to your ride. The first thing is that bikes are much smoother to navigate in the traffic on roads. Accordingly, you can flee the traffic bothers naturally to cut the time of reaching the site you want to tour. Secondly, you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to satisfy your travel needs as hiring bikes is really affordable with Rentop. In addition to this, you can find rental bikes easily in Bangalore using an online platform. You can unleash the power of the Rentop app to travel to Bangalore on preferred dates by hiring a bike.

Why you should rent or hire a bike in Bangalore?

Rentop recommends to bike rental service for easy commute in and around Bangalore if you are planning to spend vacations here. No doubt, it is a lovely city with overwhelming weather and offers tempting places to visit. Hence, if you want to reveal the resident and outdoor destinations during your vacation, you should get a bike on rent in Bangalore. The best reason to consider bike rental is to save time and to visit the places quickly in the short run. Bikes are more convenient to navigate than cars and also give extra mileage. So, apart from saving you time, they can also suit best to your budget.

How to rent a bike in Bangalore?

Well, if you are a first-time traveller to Bangalore, you should have valuable insights on how to find a rental bike. Rentop is the only trusted platform where you can get top-notch deals on renting bikes with 100 per cent safety and satisfaction guaranteed. For all nomadic nuts throughout India and even foreign, we have established an impeccably working app Rentop. So, you don’t need to do anything harder to make your further travel plans to discover Bangalore. You simply need to download this app on your mobile, open it, find bikes, and book.

Pick the date of your trip to Bangalore

Take a look at the bike precisely you want to drive

Select the pickup location to get your bike delivered by Rentop

Once you have submitted the necessary details, we get you the bike of your choice to roam around the city as per your own travel preferences.

How does Rentop help you to discover Bangalore?

We are here to simplify your bike rental venture in Bangalore so that you can focus on what is best for you. Our user-friendly app helps you to search for all the information required about our two-wheeled fleets. With an aim to become an online platform for rental bikes and scooters, we have mentioned all the information about prices, rental durations, and specifications of the bikes you want to rent. So, we are the best solution for you where you can discover the best bike on rent in Bangalore to intensify your travel vibes.

How much bike rental cost in Bangalore?

  • Well, the price for bike rental may vary depending on your needs. Rentop offers an extensive assortment of bikes and scooters with varying prices for daily, weekly, and monthly rentals. Consequently, picking one would unquestionably permit you to check the charges, compare them, and make a verdict. If your travel requirements are limited to a specific route for city commute, you can refer to the normal range of bikes. But, if you want to travel far to explore more places surrounding Bangalore, then you should go for the premium bike range. Although, Rentop has the lowest prices for rental bikes so you don’t need to worry about your budget.
  • Moreover, if you seek for bike rentals for a long duration let’s say for a month, you can save more on the cost by availing of the discounts. In this way, you can save smartly on bike rentals and can move without putting an extra fiscal load on your budget. You will definitely find Rentop bikes too competitive to resist during travelling.

Are there different types of bikes to rent?

  • Considering the view of bikers to ride their favourite bikes, Rentop has added a vast range of bikes. We seek different preferences and choices of people to get a bike on rent in Bangalore during local and outstation commutes. Therefore, at Rentop, you can have a diverse range of bikes which include bikes and scooters. Start discovering the top-priced models of bikes such as Royal Enfield, Yamaha, Duke, intruder, Harley Davidson, etc. These bikes are really great for bikers who want to get an edge over others to make every move extraordinary. We also have a mid-priced range of bikes which comes with exceptional features of competitive prices and great mileage. These bikes hoist a diversion of Splendor, Platina, passion, CT Deluxe, etc. So, if you are an average biker and just want to get the convenience of travel on a budget, you can go for these bikes.
  • In addition to these bikes, we also have the finest range of scooters which are perfect for female riders as well. Also, male riders do choose these bikes to get exceptional savings on bike rentals. However, if you are a duo seeking for calm and dreamy ride to a favored gateway in Bangalore, you can pursue to hire our scooty two-wheeler. We have an appealing range of Jupiter, activa, Maestro Edge, Destini, Vida, Joy e-bike, etc. So, we give complete flexibility to our customers to select the bike they want.

Important considerations to keep in mind whilst renting a bike

Rentop wants every client who approaches us for motorbike rentals to have the unbeatable experience. So, we won’t want anyone to have any difficulty while navigating a deal for the rental bike. Therefore, we have clearly mentioned some important considerations to add convenience for them. Thus, being an esteemed client of ours, we want you to keep the following things in mind before renting a bike.

1.Payment method

Renting a bike from Rentop brings you an exceptional quality experience when it comes to payment. We don’t insist customers pay us in cash mode only. So, at your convenience, you can pay us using your debit or credit card. You can even pay Rentop via e-wallets and net banking.

2.Documents needed

Rentop offers fair dealings for bike on rent in Bangalore so we also expect the same from you. So, at the time of reservation, we ask you to showcase your legitimate and binding driving license and one of the government-approved identifications. We want everyone to drive safely so before renting a bike, we provide all necessary documents to you such as RC, insurance, and pollution under-control certification.

3.Pickup location

It is important to know that being our customer, you can choose a preferred location to get delivery of a rental bike. However, you should select the pickup location within the vicinity where you are residing or staying in a hotel. Our facility representative will connect with you via phone call and give the transfer of bike at your accesses. Thus, it makes your ride convenient when you don’t have to step out to get the bike on rent in Bangalore.

4.Helmet and safety tips

Rentop wants you to be safe while exploring the best locations within and outside Bangalore. Subsequently, we serve you with a helmet at the time of reservation the two-wheeled bike or scooter of your dream. However, if you want additional helmet from us, you should remark the same at the time of reservation. Hence, it will save you time and hassle to arrange a helmet for you.

You are safe and secure with Rentop

Another important thing you should keep in mind is your safety. So, with a marketplace like Rentop, you are always safe and secure. If fatefully you face an unfavourable condition like a collapse or accident, you can call our customer care for rapid on-road help. We will take charge of any repair to the bike if it is genuine. Also, if you are late to return us off the bike due to an unexpected collapse, we will not levy any penalty if the cause is genuine.


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