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A bill has been introduced to revitalize accessible eSports policies.

Representative Lee Jong-sung (National Assembly Health and Welfare Committee, Chairperson of the Central Committee for People with Disabilities) today introduced a bill to partially amend the Act on the Promotion of Electronic Sports (eSports), explaining that the bill provides grounds for the national and local governments to establish and implement necessary measures such as creating conditions, establishing and operating organizations, and holding competitions to activate eSports for the disabled.

The proposed legislation would establish Article 5(2) of the eSports Act, which requires the government and local governments to establish and implement policies such as ▲ creating conditions such as eSports facilities for the disabled, ▲ establishing and operating eSports organizations for the disabled, and ▲ supporting the holding of eSports competitions for the disabled.

In particular, if the bill is passed, it is expected to contribute to more active support for e-sports for the disabled by the government and local governments in the future, as well as increase the accessibility of e-sports for the disabled, which has been relatively limited compared to general sports and non-disabled e-sports.

The field of e-sports for people with disabilities is a cultural field that is activating rapidly as the popularity of e-sports among people without disabilities is increasing, and it is also attracting attention as a field that can provide a sense of accomplishment through equal competition with people without disabilities compared to other sports, as many people with disabilities are cut off from outside activities.

“Esports can serve as an alternative sport for leisure and self-actualization for people with disabilities who are limited in direct physical activities or who have difficulty participating in sports in the same way as people without disabilities,” said Lee Jong-sung, a lawmaker. “If the law is revised, 고스톱 the culture of esports for people with disabilities can be further activated through official policies to support esports for people with disabilities.”



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