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Here’s how to install a garage door with these 7 steps

Step 1: The machine should be installed in the center of the door. To determine the location, use the tape measure to determine the width of the garage door. Part of this range is an institution.

Inside the door, at the top, draw a short dryline in the middle of the door. If you place the drill (how to raise and lower the door) in the line, the weight of the door will be evenly measured in the lift area.

Step 2: Lift and lower the door, looking at the point of its movement. Mark this place, because you have to mount the opening to open so that the railway is higher than the peak of the door. Alternatively, as the door opens, you may crash the tracks.

Step 3: Check the area above the garage door on your vertical partition line; there should be support in that area which should attach the front of the train. If your garage does not have a building member in the area, install a front installation board.

In the center and secure the length of the 2 X 6-inch board securely with the residual screws on the two wall studs above your highest entrance door. Transfer your high marker to the plank, and extend the vertical door to the plank again.

Step 4: Attach the rail to the care unit on the garage floor, following the procedure outlined in our instructions. With the garage door down, lift and fasten the outer end of the train to the front of the ridge at a distance of about two inches above the meeting mark you have made for the high point of your door and the front.

The rail bracket provided for this purpose usually clings to the front of the screwdriver. If bolts and nuts are provided, however, you should drill the appropriate holes in the front board. Be sure to use washers under the bolt heads to keep them from pressing on the wood.

Step 5: Lift the car assembly to where the train is parked, or along the door track. When a car assembly is held or supported in this position, raise and lower the garage door manually to ensure that the railway area does not interfere with the movement of the door.

Once you have found the right location and height for the car assembly, tie it to the garage door with metal brackets in the kit. If the car assembly area is between two joists, or if the garage joists run in the same direction as the rail, you will need to install 2 X 4 lengths on all joists, then install brackets up to 2 X 4.

Once your garage roof is complete, you can install a plywood panel with 3/4 planks on top, fasten it to the joists with the remaining screws. Attach the identified hardware to the plywood panel with heavy-duty switching bolts.

Step 6: Attach the drawbar to the train carriage, then move the cart to its closed-door position. Mark the holes in the garage door, and drill holes in the door. With the barber installed and the holes open, install and tighten the attachment hardware that binds the drawbar to the door.

Step 7: Make all the necessary adjustments to the driving chain or lead screw, paying particular attention to the location of the bolts that reduce the movement of the chain.


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