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The Node.js framework mainly has the capacity to solve various production challenges for many reputed organizations across the globe. Many platforms using node.js are mainly platform related, while some are only focused on their resource utilization only. Thus, the list consists of top performers in the network admitting to save their loading times period with almost 60% of their company’s growth. Thus, the Hire NodeJS Developers in India states that many popular tools such as Speedtest.net themselves have tested the speed of node.js and their developer productivity level with having lower development cost on the run and delivering higher application performance as well. The NodeJS Development Company in India states that node.js has continued at the top with a successful share of 51.9% stake, being the most famous web framework in the web application development segment and also is the most taken over project on Github with over 70,000 stars on the run. It is also a fact that the demand of node.js developers in the market have thus surpassed the PHP developers which is also considered to be one of the most widespread web technologies in the world.


Therefore, the NodeJS Development Company in India states that the signal is indeed very clear that companies are prioritizing node.js declaring it as their preferred option for the development of web applications on the run and their adoption has since then gone upwards as well. To merely understand this rising trend, it is also very important to further study the companies which have faced challenges in their past and are now using node.js which also have helped them to solve mere challenges and are now moving forward with the framework. Some of the reputed and renowned establishments which is node js today, are as follows:


  • Netflix: Having a successful 182 million subscribers across the globe since 2019, the loading speed of the application needed an improvement towards its interface with having a better loading speed for its users. However, until 2015 the team used JAVA backend which was useful in the segment of data management but had a poor user waiting time. As the javascript did not communicate with an efficient backend, Netflix went ahead and shifted to node.js which had its own list of benefits and the lagging speed to cut down at reduction was also in the move.


  • Nasa: Being the top aeronautics pioneer in the world, NASA was thus facing issues of consolidating its varied legacy of databases mainly in relation to EVA spacesuits which made it difficult to get the access of databases for their research base. The data access of NASA was thereby very slow and thus required a rummaging via multiple locations to be on the move, which finally happened with the use and proper research and help of Node.js.

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