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Even in darkness, a familiar voice can make all the difference. Resident Evil Infinite Darkness is a NetFlix original anime series. It will release on July 8, 2021. It is an upcoming CGI anime series based on Resident Evil.

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness

Zombies are going to be back, but we will get more zombies here. It looks like to be on the outside of the white house. There are many important characters in Resident Evil, but Leon and Claire are the most famous characters. Leon was also in Resident Evil 2. He was a cop, and that was his first day on duty. He was in Racoon city.

Based on the trailer, it looks like Leon works for the government. This timeline may be between Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4. It looks like fillers between the game’s timeline.

Characters and Artists

There is one bad habit this anime has; they change the character’s look over time. You cn not probably tell which character is which. They look totally different. The most consistent character in the series is Leon. He always has the exact same haircut. Everybody else changes over time.


It is actually directly linked to the original T-virus. That was based on a flower. Scientists were from Umbrella Corporation. U.S. special forces helicopter fell from the sky. They were intervening in the Penamstan civil war. The U.S. Army Mad Dogs refused orders from the command center. They went to save survivors of the crash instead of standing their ground. However, the Mad Dogs captain Jason was also forced to escape in order to survive.

Jason and his unit saw the dead special forces leading in strange ways.

It looks like that it is going to follow the same formula in all resident evil movies and games. The animation style is good enough. It is anime with 3D, and it looks different from anything you saw in the past. But it does not look like Pixar or Disney movie. It looks different and unique. It is better than the previous versions.

A hacking incident occurs on a top-secret White House file. Four agents, including Leon, Jason, the “Hero of Penamstan,” are invited to the White House. The lights suddenly go out, they are forced to take down a horde of zombies beside the SWAT team. Afterward, the file is found to be related to a lab in Shanghai. Leon and the other agents decide to investigate for clues. The white house is a good place to create a map if they make a video game out of it. The virus spreads because of rats in this series. There is also a big green guy. He looks like hulk. Every series has a big monster character. This character can speak. This is a new kind of monster because we have never seen any zombie talk before.


The game always starts out very simple. There are just zombies there. And as it goes on, you will get more weapons, and you will get stronger. The games become a little more active management. This is the path of every single game.


After a long time, we got the release date for the Resident Evil Infinite Darkness. This series takes place after Resident Evil 4. The trailer gives a better look at the upcoming anime series.

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