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Responsive Web Design- What Is it and How Is It Important

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A responsive web design, as the term suggests, is an approach to rendering a custom and seamless viewing experience to the user on multiple platforms, browsers, and screen sizes. With the growing digital competition, the need to get a responsive website design is also growing, as this plays a vital role in determining the user experience. Moreover, since more and more people are accessing websites through mobile phones, to have a good mobile experience, a responsive design is crucial. Hiring a professional WordPress development company Australia can help you accomplish the goal of responsive web design in the most effective manner. 

For now, let us go through the reasons behind the growing importance of responsive web design.

Why Responsive Web Design Is Important For The Website Success


Responsive web design comes with the ability to automatically adapt a variety of screen sizes. In other words, it gives flexibility to the images, grids, and the entire layout of the website, when accessed on different devices. By being responsive, it generates the best possible output for computers, laptops, mobiles, tablets, etc.

 Seamless Experience

Mobile pages are nothing but the squeezed versions of the desktop pages. A user can use them from different devices based on their convenience. For instance, they first reach a website using their smartphone at home, and then while going to the office, he continues the research on tablets. As he reaches the office, he takes a shift to the office PC and uses it to make the purchase. Hence, no matter how long the journey is, a responsive design makes sure the user has a seamless and disturbance-free experience. 

Time Efficiency

Another benefit of having a responsive design is that it saves a lot of time and effort. How? Optimizing a website would require you to develop different websites for multiple devices. However, with a responsive design, things, including content creation and web designing, need to be done just once.


The responsive design surely helps in bettering the SEO. With a single URL for desktop and mobile versions, search engines find it easy to discover and index content. With this, the risk of search engines flagging multiple website versions for duplicate content is also fully removed. 

Local Rankings

With the increase in the search of local businesses on mobile phones, the need for responsive design has grown too. This is because this makes the website readily available for mobile devices make users easily find them and access them during searches. 

To Conclude

As a result of all the benefits of a responsive design, businesses discover a rise in brand identity, improved marketing, and hence growth and online success. So, we looked at the major reasons why a responsive design is crucial for the success of a website design. If that is your objective, then hiring an expert WordPress development agency Melbourne can help you achieve this. Get in touch with one now and explore the benefits of a responsive web design now.


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