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In a world where competition for customers' attention is on the rise, many businesses are tempted to make their signage bigger and splashier. This approach seems to work in many industries and might even be crucial for survival. However, the restaurant industry must always adopt approaches that enhance guest experience. This means that bright neon signs or an overabundance of screens with slideshows that distract customers are usually not a good idea.


Signage in the food industry is one of the most important channels a restaurant can use to communicate with its clientele. They attract eyes and attention while blending in perfectly with their brand and the overall experience.

A popular choice among restaurants located on busy streets in bohemian districts is the use of beautifully designed foam boards. They not only let patrons identify the brand identity of a restaurant, but they also carry important information about the venue´s menu and daily events.

These are extremely convenient as they are light and can be moved around easily, allowing restaurant owners to place them strategically during the day to maximize foot traffic.

Once your customers are inside, the signage strategy changes. First-time customers usually want to get used to the specific configuration of your space. A clever signage strategy serves to help provide directions and to entice your customers to try your best dishes or drinks.

One of the best ways to guide your customers and allow them to enjoy a rich experience is through the use of a smartly designed tent sign strategy.

Small tent signs placed visibly in front of serving stations, dessert bars, and liquor shelves, are a lot less invasive than encumbering screens and monitors that now plague many businesses. They also allow customers to navigate through all the delicious offerings while providing the information they need to make their choice.

To maximize the effectiveness of your tent signs, you must make sure they don´t look cheap or tacky. Imprint Plus provides restaurants with professional metal signs in silver, gold, and white finishes to match your venue´s ambiance. They can be customized and personalized so they convey your brand's message.

Also, make sure you use fonts that are large and easy to read. If you are unsure, consider the distance at which your guests will likely be located when they direct their gaze toward your products. A vivid metal tent sign with legible lettering will sure draw their attention and help them decide on a product.

Your positioning should mimic old menus. Customers are used to reading from left to right and from top to bottom. Arrange your foods, desserts, or beverages accordingly. Position your appetizers and crèmes on the top left, followed by accompaniments, and end the visual tour with your entrées and desserts to the right and bottom. That way, you use your space more efficiently with verticality in mind.

Other business models also make use of tent sign placement strategies.

Buffets can increase their efficiency with the use of signage. Well-placed tent signs can direct guests preventing bottlenecks or confusion. Operators can then focus on offering hospitality-driven experiences and increase the efficiency of their stations. The same goes with catering agencies that base their business around efficiency and cleanliness. Implementing smart signage strategies allows guests to gravitate towards their preferred stations, preventing concentrations around food stations that just happen to be close to entrances.

Finally, tent signs are affordable, compact, durable, and incredibly versatile. Imprint Plus makes it incredibly easy to create eye-catching tent signs to efficiently display products, items, special offers, and creative messages for your restaurant or brand. Visit their website today and start designing the perfect tent signs for your venue.

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