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Restoring the Pleasure of Drinking Napa Wines: Ashes & Diamonds

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My foray into the wine industry has led me in a range of paths, like several others who catch the wine bug. I've learnt to appreciate the subtleties wine has to offer as my interest in learning about wine has grown. Although sometimes I worry that I might lose the happiness that motivated me to set out on the voyage.


I therefore value those occasions that make me smile even more because they serve as a reminder that wine is about more than acids and tannins, more than determining whether the nose emits rose or violet aromas, much more than figuring out whether a wine was aged in French or American oak, more than determining whether it had been filtered or fined.

Wine is a social beverage, wonderful food, wonderful music, and good friends- both old and new ones, they were the target ones. It's about a day that begins cloudy and ends sunny, either literally or symbolically.


In order to introduce Oriando's wine industry experts to kashy Khaledi and his wines from Napas Ashes & diamonds Winery, florida-based Progress Wine Group sponsored a trade lunch today.

At this occasion, everything came together for me to rekindle my joy.


Napa Does GEN-X


Not your fathers Napa Wines, these. They aren't either of Kashy's fathers Napa wines. Darioush Khaledi, proprietor of the Darioush Winery, is Kashy's father. However, Kashy followed his own route and worked as an executive at Capitol Records, MTV and Live Nation before entering the Wine sector.


He joined together with few of the most progressive winemakers in Napa, such as Dan Petroski of Massican, Diana Snowden Seysses of Snowmen Vineyards, Steve Matthiassom of Matthiasson Wine, to start making wines that were in the languages of Napa Valley, the very definition of retro. Compared to the more substantial, further when products of 1980's and 1990's, those wines have less alcohol level and oak level, which is also highly acidic, and has very complex flavours. 


Knowledge, bonding and belonging were the key factors. It was about the wines that bridge the gaps in our changing wine scene. It was about learning about new wines in the ideal atmosphere. That was about the pleasure of recalling the reasons wine enthusiasts adore wine.


“Keep Calm And Just Pouron”


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