Retirement National Health Insurance Procedures

Retirement National Health Insurance Procedures/How to join/exit spouse's Social Insurance No. 3

When the dispatched person retires, it is necessary to switch from social insurance to the national pension.

Alternatively, if your wife's car owner, or spouse, is a member of the company insurance, there is also a way to become a dependent of your spouse.

I had a hard time re-employment this time, so I will leave it as a memo.

What is the national pension procedure for retirement?

First, I will assume that you have returned your health insurance card to the company (while you are doing it).

After leaving the company, the company will send you a “Social Insurance Disqualification Certificate”.

All you have to do is go to the city or ward office of your place of residence with a certificate of social insurance disqualification.

If you do so, you will be issued a paper called “National Health Insurance Certificate of Insured” that will replace your health insurance card.

When you go to the hospital, you need to show the insured certificate.

If you receive a genuine National Health Insurance card within a week or so, you can discard the insured certificate and it is OK.

How to join a spouse's company insurance No. 3?

This is possible if your spouse has social insurance at work.

First, you need a copy of the company's quitting leave.

After that, I will ask the spouse's place of business that I want to be dependent, and I will be given a form so I will submit it together with my turnover vote.

Then, when the procedure is completed, you will receive a health insurance card, so if you have a national health insurance card, go to the government office to return it.

You need to show your new health insurance card, so bring it with you.

Once accepted by the government office, the switch from National Health Insurance to dependents on the spouse's side is complete.

If you become a spouse's dependent, you'll save money because you don't have to pay for it yourself.

In my case, I had my wife's social insurance covered, but it is not an embarrassing case because it is an emergency.

If you are unemployed, you will not receive your salary, so you have to reduce your spending in various places in your life. 

How can I get a new job and leave my spouse's dependents?

If you want to join social insurance at your reemployment, you must leave the spouse's dependents.

You need to submit a certificate that you have left the dependents to your new job.

This is the part where I stumbled.

First, you need to get your spouse's company to complete the procedure for you to leave the dependents.

So, if your spouse's company sends you a certificate that you have gone out, you can submit it to your new employer.

The failure of this procedure has left me uninsured for a long time (including my dependents).

I am worried if there is an accident, illness, or injury, so please follow the procedure as smoothly as possible.


I talked about the procedures for national health insurance and the procedures for leaving the dependents to join the spouse's company insurance as dependents.

Even if people say it's IT, the paper-based culture is still strong.

Rather, I wonder if it is the strongest paper.

Computer, just a box without electricity. 


What do you think?

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